Covid-19 Sunday Update

As you are likely aware, on Feb 12, 2021 some of the current Covid-19 restrictions are changing regarding church gatherings. The new orders will allow churches to gather to 10% capacity to a maximum of 50 people – while adhering to the normal protocols (hand-sanitizing, physical distancing, staying home of you’re sick, etc).

We are making a few changes that will begin Feb 21, 2021.

We will be opening up the building for a limited number of people to participate by joining the live-streaming service in-person on Sunday mornings. We will give priority to those who have no access to technology to watch the livestream from home. We will be in touch with those people to specifically invite them (since they most likely won’t be reading this post!). Additionally, those who are involved in the Mercy Boot Camp (either recipients or volunteers) will be able to join in the service in-person. We will keep a strict cap on the number of people in the building. Even though restrictions allow 50 people, we won’t be able to accommodate that many due to the updates with our live-streaming equipment. We are in the process of making changes to permanently install all our equipment, which will then allow more participants in our gatherings at 782 Main St and maintain the quality of our livestream.

Our general posture towards resuming in-person gatherings will be a gradual “ramp-up”. In the future we will have a registration process for those who want to gather in-person instead of participating online. This will be to ensure we always have enough space for the street community and others who don’t have livestream access. 

These changes will begin Feb 21.

What do you think about this?