WCV is excited to be part of CarePortal! CarePortal is a faith-based online database platform created by the Global Orphan Project specifically designed to connect child welfare organizations with local churches to meet the various needs within their communities, in real-time.

Social service organizations upload requests to the CarePortal system which sends an email alert to participating churches. The church then decides if it can respond to the request. Upon saying “yes”; they are connected with the family or individual in need! The concept is simple. The impact is huge!

CarePortal: How It Works from The Global Orphan Project on Vimeo.

There are two ways CarePortal works. The typical platform process begins with a family in need who is visited by a Child Welfare Worker who submits a need to CarePortal which local churches respond to. The second way is adapted for churches to input and respond to their own needs using the CarePortal platform for communication and organization.