1 John : An introduction to the background of John’s letters

Explore the Core : Devotion to Jesus

Meeting with God in Celebration

Light & Life – Andrew Reimer

Light & Life : Dave Johns

This morning Dixie leads worship and Dave Johns shares his gripping account of his journey into faith and his engagement in Athletes In Action. Check out the Kid's Ministry video…

Light & Life : Kelly & Lani Wiens

Intimacy with God – Worship Service August 1

Sherry Ansloos hosts this special Sunday morning worship event, featuring members of the worship team each sharing a song which personally speaks to their intimacy with Jesus.   Join Sherry, Sophia,…

Light & Life : Cherish Epp

This morning Brett & Dixie Bredin lead worship and Cornelius Martens hosts.  Our new youth ministry intern, Cherish Epp, shares her story of transformation and activation.  Cherish is also a…

Light & Life : Dixie Bredin

Light & Life : The Reckless, Raging Fury they call the Love of God – Marc Pranger

From Goat Hole to Shalom

This morning Andy Wood hosted and led our celebration of communion, Jocelyn Armbruster led us in worship and guest speaker, Todd Rutkowski from Vineyard Canada shared about mental health and…

Gospel: The Good News Proclaimed and Enacted

Father’s Day Stories & Graduates

This morning Andy Wood hosted and led an National Indigenous Peoples Day prayer , Dixie Bredin led worship, Douglas did a Father's Day Kid's minute, we celebrated graduates and then…