About Us

First and foremost, we are a community of people who aim to love God, each other, and those around us (Mark 12:29-31).  Worship, Community and Justice pretty much sums it up.  Our mission statement says it like this:

“We exist to build a safe community that invites all peoples to worship Jesus as they embrace a kingdom lifestyle that extends God’s justice on the earth.”

For a more detailed description of what we mean by this, see our Core Practices.


We believe that everyone has a gift to give the body – a place they can contribute to the Kingdom of God.  1 Corinthians 12 outlines many of these gifts and Paul takes care to mention that they are given for the good of the whole body.  Leadership is one of the gifts given to encourage, envision and build-up the church.

Our Leadership Team consists of the Board of Directors Pastoral Elders and Lay Elders. The Leadership team meets as a whole on occasion to pray, listen and discuss matters of vision and direction. Each part of the team has it’s own role to play.



Pastoral Elders:

The Pastoral Elders are responsible for the daily implementation of our vision.   You’ll notice our pastoral team is comprised of married couples – however this doesn’t mean that one must be married to be a pastor in the Vineyard.  It’s just our current reality.  Usually one partner takes a more active role while the other functions as a Lay Elder (on the eldership team).

Mauritz van den Heever (incoming Lead Pastor), Krista Heide (Interim Pastor), Violet Rademaker (Pastor).

Note that Mauritz and Estelle will be moving to Winnipeg sometime in the next number of months. 

Meet our pastoral team (this page is being updated)


Lay Elders:

The Elders (both Lay and Pastoral) are primarily tasked with overseeing the pastoral care and spiritual health of the community. They serve for terms of 3 years with the option of extending once.

Lindsay and Lois Ward (Fall 2023), Cornelius & Tania Martens (Fall 2023), Christy Chan (Fall 2023), Dave & Barb Johns (prospective), Deyan & Deanna Momtchilov (prospective). 


Board of Directors:

The Board of Directors is the legal entity which oversees everything related to WCV as a charity. Specifically, this means governance, macro vision, human resource, finances, assets, and any legal matters that arise. They serve for terms of 3 years with the option of extending.

Cornelius Martens (chair) (Fall 2023), Sara Epp (Fall 2022) and Deyan Momtchilov (Spring 2024).


Ministry & Support Staff:

Interim Director of Administration & Operations – Andrew Chan

Director of Kids and Youth Ministry – Lani Wiens

Building Systems Manager – Manfred Peters

Custodial Ambassador – Tamara Lacroix

Security Ambassador & Maintenance Tech – Ed South

Assistant to the Director of Kids and Youth Ministry – Sasha Wiens

Youth Leader – Brett Bredin

Coordinators & Teams:

Sunday Morning Kid’s Church:

  • Early Years (birth – 5 yrs old): Tania Martens 
    • Early years toddlers – up to 3 yrs old. 
    • Early years Pre-school – 4 & 5 yrs old.
  • Elementary (grades 1 – 5): Lani Wiens
  • Middle Years & Youth: Brett Bredin
    • Middle Years Sunday School: grades 6 – 8


Youth Groups

  • Youth (Grades 6 – 12): Lani Wiens, Brett Bredin & Sasha Wiens


Prayer Oversight:

Ang Falk (coordinator), Violet Rademaker, Dennis Poetker, Kelly Wiens


Worship Bands Coordinator: 


Creative Coordinator: 

Krista Heide


Vineyard Himalaya Liaison: 


Street Parish / Mercy Coordinator: 


CarePortal Point People: 

Lillian Poetker and Sara Epp