Home Groups

Home Groups are one of the building blocks of community here at WCV.  Typically they are small groups of people (about 6-15) who meet consistently and frequently (usually every week or two) in homes around the city. They gather to worship, pray for each other, talk about the scripture, and get into each other’s lives – basically they are the church. They are safe places where you can find a sense of belonging and both receive and can give. We encourage everyone to find a Home Group. 

For this season all our Home Groups are practicing Covid-19 protocols which means that those who meet in person have a limit to the number of people present based on the space available. Those that currently have room are listed as such below. Some groups make space for children of various ages and for other groups this isn’t an option. 

Below is a list of all our currently active Home Groups. If you are searching for a group, get in touch with the primary contact to get more information about joining. You can always contact the office for assistance as well. 

Loewen – Wood Group

  • Contact: Katrin Loewen
  • Weekly – Wednesday’s @ 7pm
  • In-person
  • This group is open

Ansloos Group

  • Contact: Sherry Ansloos
  • Biweekly Thursday evening
  • Contact for availability

Poetker – Rademaker Group

  • Contact: Violet Rademaker
  • 2nd & 4th Tuesday evening of each month
  • Online
  • This group is open

Ward Group

  • Contact: Lois Ward
  • Biweekly Thursday evening
  • Online
  • This group is open

Falk Group

  • Contact: Ang Falk
  • Biweekly Thursday’s @ 7pm
  • In-person
  • This group is open

Martens Group

  • Contact: Tania Martens
  • Every other Sun afternoon @ 4pm
  • This is a family friendly group that intentionally welcomes participation from children.

If you have questions or need help finding a group, please contact Andrew at the office.

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