John : “Dying to Live”

John : “Dying to Live”

November 22, 2020
This morning Beckie Wood gave some community updates, Jocelyn Armbruster led worship, Tania Martens did a Kid's Minute, and Lani Wiens (our new Kids and Youth director) introduced herself (and…

John : I AM the Light of the World

[Online service only, due to code red restrictions]  This morning opens with Andy giving some community updates and an opening prayer. Then Dixie Naylor leads us in worship (along with…

John : “Men Caught Holding Stones”

John : You have the Words of Life

John : It Is I Am

John : It Is I Am

October 25, 2020
This morning Jocelyn and Deanna leads us in worship, Cornelius contemplates donuts in the Kid's Minute, and Andy shares John's account of the disciples' encounter with Jesus in the Sea…

John: Gather Up the Leftovers

John: Living Water

John: Stand Up, Take Your Mat and Walk

John: You Must be Born from Above

John: You have Kept the Good Wine until Now

John: The Word Became Flesh

John: The Word Became Flesh

September 13, 2020
Sept 13 Sunday Gathering - Andy Wood This morning was our first in-person distanced gathering! Jocelyn Armbruster led worship and Andy Wood introduced our series, "The good news according to…

Salt & Light : Persistent and Consistent Surrender

Salt + Light : Ang Falk

Aug 30 Sunday Online Gathering Salt + Light Series : Ang Falk This morning Jocelyn Armbruster leads us in worship and Ang Falk shares Facebook Video link Audio only link…