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  1. Dear Vineyard church….
    Many prayers and thoughts to you all at this time….it has been many years since my daughter Feleshia and I attended but what a huge impact Nathan Rieger and the Jerasks had on supporting us and leading us to trust God…. forgiveness and sin and mercy are all intertwined in our relationship in living with our God in this world….starling revelations always rock our soul when they occur but your perish has always focused people back to emeshing our returning back to our Lord to heal the deep wounds we ALL carry in life…my heart is with Nathan and his family..his sin and his healing and with all of us that shared our lives with him (baptized daughter)… when we read our word diligently may we all keep our eyes on him…our Lord and saviour….who directs us …as our free choice that he offers us often breaks his heart too but he does offer us forgiveness as white as snow when we sincerely return to him..
    Hugs, tears and good memories to you all
    georgia Inglis

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