Prayer Challenge – Day 14

Intercession: what’s on God’s heart

God has chosen to place his power behind a people that prays.  In doing so he wants to work with us in an intimate way to accomplish his will in the world.  Prayer changes things.  Also, it changes us.  As we pray, God gives us his heart – his joys and sorrows, dreams, and thoughts.

Intercession transforms both the world around us and our hearts within us.

The Challenge:

Today, let’s simply ask God what’s on his heart.  Ask him to  show you something he thinks you should know.  Perhaps it will be something he wants to see changed, perhaps it will be something that pains him or brings him joy.  Maybe it will be something that will change the course of your life…

“History belongs to the intercessors.” Walter Wink

3 times a day 30 days