Prayer Challenge – Day 21

Prophetic Ministry

Prophecy is one of those highly misrepresented activities in Christianity. We either have ideas of some crazy from the Old Testament hurling warnings from God on a godless people (no offence to the OT), or big-haired men on TV making some kind of pronouncement about the end of the world (no offence to big hair). In reality, prophecy is usually far less dramatic and much more accessible to the average Joe (big, small, and thinly haired alike).

Simply put, prophecy is hearing God’s voice for someone else, and telling him or her what you’ve heard. It doesn’t have to be weird or full of drama, and it certainly doesn’t have to include King James English for it to work. It can be as simple as an answer to the question, “God, what do you think about this person?”

The bible teaches that the sheep will hear the shepherd’s voice. When we hear his voice and tell others, we’re being prophetic (skip the “thus saith the Lord” attitude though).

The Challenge:

Today, ask God to bring someone across your path whom you can give a word of encouragement to. When you find that person, simply ask, “God, how do you see this person?” and then tell them what you hear (be nice about it – more on this tomorrow).

3 times a day 30 days

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