Prayer Challenge – Day 23

Prophetic Witness

It is in the very nature of light, to dispel darkness.  A candle doesn’t have to be convinced to shine – it just does.  It is the same with goodness, truth and love.  Their very existence dispels evil, deceit and indifference.  However, there are powers that work to extinguish the light.  Like we’ve seen in Daniel, there are those in positions of power who weaken under the weight of darkness – some give in completely.  The powers of greed, apathy, violence, fear, jealousy and hopelessness need to be confronted. This means holding the light of love and truth up to their ugly faces to declare, “you don’t have power here!”

The Challenge:

Today, let’s pray for those in our lives who hold institutional power – who are charged with the weighty responsibility to make decisions on our behalf.  Our Mayor, Brian Bowman; our city councilors; our Premier, Greg Sellinger; our Prime Minister, Stephen Harper.  Pray for those involved in the judiciary and law enforcement.  Pray for our elders, influencers, and storytellers.  Pray that they would hold steadfast in light of truth and not cooperate with the powers of darkness.

“Truth loves the light, and is most beautiful when most naked.” George Baxter

3 times a day 30 days


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