Gatherings this Fall – Sundays and more

Fall is almost upon us and there are a few items that we’d like to put on your radar…

In-Person Distanced Sunday Gatherings

We are excited to be providing the option to gather in-person again starting September 13! It has been a long season of meeting online, and while our online gatherings will continue we will also be meeting in person again for those who are able to do so. We are currently working on all the logistics to make the in-person gatherings safe for whomever participates. We will be taking all necessary precautions mandated by the government and health officials, and taking some extra measures to ensure a safe environment for all.

More details will be forthcoming, but everyone will be encouraged to stay home if they display any of the symptoms or are in a vulnerable category. Additionally, hand sanitization stations and masks will be utilized, seating will be set up seating in a physically distanced manner, the space will be sanitized before and after each gathering, and we will be limiting the number of people and the activities that take place in the sanctuary.

Mark your calendars – September 13.

Also, there will be a meeting for parents and guardians of kids and youth to discuss options for moving forward. This will be Sept 13 at 7pm at the church. If you are unable to attend there will be questions circulated in advance for your input.

House Groups

House Groups will be important in the next season of church life. We need to be together. Some of us may not be able to gather physically, others may choose only to have a few people in their “bubble”, but wherever you are at, if you want to be in a House Group, we’d like to make that happen. Watch for more info on how to sign up in the coming weeks.

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality Course

One of the groups that will be meeting throughout the Fall will be using the Emotionally Healthy Spirituality material that we piloted last year. The material is designed to become a regular part of the rhythm of discipleship in churches. We won’t be running a concurrent sermon series on it this year, but if you missed it last year, this is your chance. Let Andrew in the office know if you are interested.

You can find out more info about Emotionally Healthy Spirituality course here.

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