Preparing for Kid’s and Youth in-person activities

We’re excited and getting geared up to be starting in-person Kid’s church on Sept 19. There’s a lot swirling to get this going. At the same time there’s a lot swirling in our world. A few words about that:

First, let’s hold on to love. This is our priority as a church. Please know that you are loved. Period.

Second, we’re not giving in to fear. That isn’t the kind of spirit that God gives.

Third, we’re really excited to open up the doors to kid’s church again.

In order to do all three, AND to respect the restrictions and protocols the government has put in place, we’re going to do our best to provide a safe environment by using the following measures for our in-person gatherings, particularly where we intersect with our more vulnerable sectors:

  1. Masking, social distancing, and sanitization will remain our standard for Sunday morning gatherings, Kids Church, Jouth, Youth, and any other in-person public events.
  2. Rapid tests for anyone unvaccinated 24 hrs prior to working with vulnerable sector individuals – (kids, youth, vulnerable adults). This includes any volunteer who will be serving in close proximity (<2m) to other individuals for a period of time likely exceeding 10 minutes.  Individuals exhibiting a positive result will be asked to refrain from coming to whatever event they were volunteering for and will be encouraged to seek out further testing.  Rapid tests will be supplied by the church.
  3. Temperature testing for kids and youth attending in-person events – anyone displaying a temperature over 38C will be asked to return home.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the above protocols please direct them to our office.


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That You May Know: Fall Series

We’re excited to be jumping back into some of John’s writing. This Fall we’re going to be exploring his beautifully written letters – well actually, 1 John isn’t exactly a letter but that’s getting ahead of ourselves. This ancient Johannine Epistle is timely for us today – especially our current climate of tension, confusion, predictions, division, and temptations. John provides some sage advice in a beautiful way which we’re going to explore. We’re praying that we as a community will be formed and re-formed by the Holy Spirit us into the image of Christ which will help us love each other, our neighbours and God more fully.

If you’re in a Home Group or Triad, we encourage you to follow along. We will provide the passage of scripture we’re going to explore each week. Engaging with the specific scripture can be as simple as doing a Lectio Divina exercise together (Download our Lectio Divina resource guide).

To get into the mood, check out this overview video by the good folks at the Bible Project (you can access other Bible Project videos with our Right Now Media account – if you don’t have access, contact Andrew at the office and he’ll set you up).


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Manitoba Vineyard Gathering (POSTPONED)

Update (Sept 8, 2021)

Hello Manitoba Vineyard friends,

This is a short note to let you know we have decided to postpone the Manitoba Vineyard Gathering that was originally scheduled for Sept 25.

We are saddened to postpone this event but are hopeful that things will work out in the future. We feel this is the wisest course of action for a few reasons. There is significant sensitivity to gathering in-person which is reflected in lower-that-anticipated registration levels. Second, our out-of-province guests (Melt Van Der Spuy, David and Anita Ruis) are unable to join us. We will be working on an in-person get-together for a later date – watch for those details.

We hope you have an amazing Fall and look forward to when we can gather again.

Until then, grace, peace and wisdom to each of you as you seek first God’s kingdom and his justice in these times.


Original Post: 

This is an invite to everybody in all the Manitoba Vineyard communities (Brandon, Prairie, Cornerstone, West End Abby, WCV). Let’s get together this Fall!

Saturday, September 25, 10am-4pm.

In the morning we will worship together & pray for each other. We will also engage in a contemplative prayer exercise.

Lunch will be a time to connect and nurture friendships in various restaurants in the neighbourhood.

The afternoon will be a time of training. Brady Wilson and Sherry Ansloos will lead us through a series of engaging and interactive exercises and teaching designed to explore the question: “how do individuals and communities get and stay energized?” Brady is from Guelph Ontario and a long-time part of the Guelph Vineyard. He also serves on Vineyard Canada’s National team and is founder and thought leader of Juice Inc. Sherry is a worship leader, storyteller and trainer from Winnipeg Centre Vineyard.

David & Anita Ruis and Melt Van Der Spuy will also be joining us. David & Anita are Vineyard Canada National Directors from Kelowna, and Melt is our Regional Overseeer from Yellowknife.

We’re asking for advance registration so we can manage any restrictions that will be in place this September and so that we can send out more info closer to the date.

P.S. If you are from WCV and missed the Juice training in May, this is your chance to get in on the action. For those who already did the training, you can use this as a refresher!






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Covid-19 Sunday Update – Effective July 18, 2021

On July 18, 2021 some of the current Covid-19 restrictions are changing regarding church gatherings. The new orders will allow churches to gather to 50% capacity to a maximum of 150 people – while adhering to the normal WCV protocols (hand-sanitizing, physical distancing, wearing masks at all time indoors, staying home if you’re sick, etc).

We are making a few changes effective Sunday July 18, 2021.

Due to ongoing renovation work and the need for physical distancing, the current capacity will be approximately 50 people.  As gatherings have generally been smaller in the summer, we will wait and see if there will be a need to pre-register at all.




Covid-19 Sunday Update – Effective June 27, 2021

On June 26, 2021 some of the current Covid-19 restrictions are changing regarding church gatherings. The new orders will allow churches to gather to 25% capacity to a maximum of 25 people – while adhering to the normal WCV protocols (hand-sanitizing, physical distancing, wearing masks at all time indoors, staying home if you’re sick, etc).

We are making a few changes effective June 27, 2021.

We will be opening up the building for a limited number of people to participate by joining the live-streaming service in-person on Sunday mornings. We will give priority to those who have no access to technology to watch the livestream from home.  We will be in touch with those people to specifically invite them (since they most likely won’t be reading this post!). Additionally, those who are involved in the Mercy Boot Camp (either recipients or volunteers) will be able to join in the service in-person.  We will keep a strict cap on the number of people in the building.

As day camp allowances open up (20 persons allowed as of June 26), we look forward to planning in-person opportunities for the kids & youth – so watch your email for possible get-togethers over the summer.



Every Child Matters

This is an opportunity we’re making available to people who come to our doors – many of whom are deeply shaken by the news of the children being found buried next to Residential Schools. We encourage you to participate. This is one small way to show solidarity, support, care and concern.

Every Child Matters

The Vineyard Community is heartbroken by the discoveries of the remains of children at the Residential schools – something which survivors have known all along. We are grieved at the loss of these children. We are grieved at the pain this has caused the families. We are grieved that this happened at the hands of the church and that it happened in God’s name. We are grieved that this evil continues.

We stand with the survivors of Residential schools. We stand with those who have suffered generational trauma because of these instruments of cultural genocide towards the First Nation, Inuit and Métis peoples. We mourn with those who mourn.

We invite you to tie a ribbon on our fence as a way to show support to the many generations of survivors – as a way to process your own grief – as a prayer. 

If you need to talk through your sadness, if you need someone to pray with you, if you need some kindness of any sort, please let us know. The church office is open most weekdays. Sunday mornings at 10am are also a time to connect. 

The Indian Residential Schools Crisis Line is available 24-hours a day for anyone experiencing pain or distress as a result of their Residential school experience. 1-866-925-4419

“The Lord is close to the brokenhearted;  he rescues those whose  spirits are crushed.”  Psalm 34:18

Here is a copy of the Handout.

There are copies of it at the church office along with ribbons available.

You are welcome to come and tie a ribbon on the fence and offer a prayer – of comfort, of repentance, of justice.

This is one small step in the long journey of reconciliation.


National Indigenous Peoples Day

Happy National Indigenous Peoples Day!

This year it feels like some of the celebration of this day has been displaced by the devastating news of 215 children who passed away at the residential school in Kamloops. Appropriately, there are calls to thoroughly investigate other residential school sites for what survivors already know – more bodies of children.

Below are some resources for comfort, learning and prayer. While it is important to mourn with those who mourn, the journey doesn’t stop there. Truth must be told. Reconciliation must move forward in action.


Here is the National Indigenous Peoples Day prayer Andy used in our service on June 20, 2021.

Comfort & Lament:

Here is a Lament for Comfort that Sherry Ansloos recently recorded:


Story & Learning:

Here is an interview with Dr. Ray Aldred who discusses the impact of the 215 children found in Kamloops and what it is like growing up indigenous in Canada. Dr. Aldred also gives some historical context to treaty, and what it means to be an indigenous follower of Jesus in light of the evil perpetrated toward Indigenous people by Canada and the church. This interview is from Tenth Church in Vancouver (25 mins).


If you need support, or know of an indigenous brother or sister who needs support, the Indian Residential Schools Crisis Line is available 24-hours a day for anyone experiencing pain or distress as a result of his or her Residential school experience. 1-866-925-4419


Summer Rhythms

We’re going to be moving into our rhythm of having shorter gatherings for the rest of June until the September long weekend. This will mean that you’ll be able to participate online easily from wherever you are. We’re  aiming to keep them to 60 minutes. We will continue to respect and adhere to the government’s restrictions and will open as we are able. As always we will give priority access to those who are not able participate online.

We are really looking forward to being physically together again! But until then, we’ll see you 10am every Sunday morning on our Facebook page. Alternately you can find our gatherings posted in our sermon section of our website (note these are not posted live and may take a few days before they appear on our website).

In other News:

For our kids and youth there are a few different clubs that are happening for the rest of June and maybe beyond. Make sure you check them out… they sound fun!

This summer the Kid’s Church area is getting an overdue facelift. These renos will keep us up-to-date with our Plan to Protect policy, as well as make a space that is fresh and alive so that when our kids and youth gather again it is welcoming and inspiring. The sanctuary will also be getting the same treatment. The Sound Booth is being expanded which will set us up for live-streaming well into the future. Thanks to our amazing team of behind-the-scenes people who have enabled us to connect online! 


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Light + Life: Summer Series

The sun, our galaxy’s star attraction, is amazing. Let’s reflect on this celestial ball of fire for a moment. 

Without the sun, our galaxy would simply cease to sustain life. Take away the sun and the source of all energy, heat and light is instantly removed. Extinguish the sun and a mass extinction would result leaving our green and blue planetary home a cold and and empty mass of rock hurdling through the universe without anchor or orbit. How’s that for comforting thoughts?! 

Clearly the sun is important.

Yet given the sun’s importance to our existence we spend remarkably little time considering our reliance on it. It doesn’t seem to mind, though. It continues to offer light and life to all – daily – without fail – whether or not we pay attention.

Kind of like someone else we know.

There are some remarkable comparisons of the sun to the Son. Perhaps this is why some biblical writers use this play on words so often – John employing it to near excess. Jesus is the light of the world. Jesus is the light in which there is no darkness. Jesus is the way the truth and the life. Jesus shines brighter (ok – John didn’t say this, but he sure could have!). 

This summer, as we enjoy the summer’s rays, let’s also tune our awareness to the Son.

Something as common as feeling the warmth of the sun on our cheek can be a reminder of God’s closeness. The beautiful colours of the setting sun can inspire gratitude to Jesus. The life-giving nature of the sun can be a window into the life-giving nature of the Son. 

Summer doesn’t have to be a time of distraction when our attention is far from God. We can be reminded of Jesus – our Light and Life – by the many ways the sun impacts our every day, sun-drenched lives this summer. 

Throughout July and August we will be hearing from a variety of our missionaries. They will tell stories of what got them on their path, what has sustained them along the way, and the transformation they’ve witnessed in themselves and others. They will be sharing their stories of Light and Life.

Our hope and prayer is that as we hear these stories of Light and Life we will find courage and be reminded to pause and pay attention to the dramatic effect Jesus has, and desires to have, on all our lives.

The Path: Our community rhythms

“Follow me!” (1), Jesus said. The disciples did follow and it changed everything. The early Christians followed as well – so much so that they became known as people of “the Way”. (2)

We at Winnipeg Centre Vineyard are on “the Way” too – the way of Jesus. We are following Jesus as closely as we can on the path he is leading us. This is more than just rich imagery for us. Both the destination and the journey are important. Following Jesus is the call to discipleship. It is about transformation in the way – on the way – of Jesus. This journey is about putting one foot in front of the other again and again, with others choosing to stay as close as possible to our guide. 

How do you join the path? How do you know you’re on it? What are the rhythms that are required to walk this path well? What does it look like in our context? These questions are why we’ve developed “The Path”.

Of course, like any journey, there are a few critical components that will make this journey successful. A Map keeps the traveller oriented. The right Gear makes the journey doable. Companions make the journey enjoyable.  

Map: These are events and activities that orient us to our purpose. Who are we? Where are we going? What’s our mission?  

 Gear: These are events and activities that equip us for the journey. They include opportunities for both training and serving. 

Companions: These are events and activities that provide opportunities for connection and deepening friendship. More than just having fun (although that’s always good too!) these times are critical to finding belonging and building a safe community.


1) Matt 4:19, Mark 10:21, Luke 14:27, John 10:27; 21:22, and so on.

2) First recorded in Acts 9:2 but also used in chapters 18, 19 & 24. 

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Mercy Boot Camp 2.0 – an opportunity

Invitation to Volunteer for Mercy Boot Camp 2.0

Recap on Season 1:

We’ve handed out food bags every Sunday from November to April: 6 months, 26 Sundays, 800 bags to hungry people in our Street Parish including many visitors.

We have two types of bags, small and large, that we alternate each week. The small holds two sandwiches ready to eat, a bag of potato chips, zip top can of hearty chicken soup, twelve wieners, dry soup bag, cookies and a fruit juice. The big bag has two mac and cheese, two dry soup, a sleeve of crackers, cans cans of pork and beans, a can of luncheon meat, chicken bologna and wieners. We spend approximately $1000/ month for this food. It has a tremendous impact on the recipients.

We share the food and we share the good news about Jesus. We always offer to pray with those who come and invite them into relationship with Jesus. Many know Jesus, some don’t.

Until now we’ve had various faithful volunteers each Sunday with no structured schedule.

The hungry count on us every week. Our Street Parish has been held together by this touch point activity throughout Covid-19.

Mercy Boot Camp 2.0: Season 2, May-Aug

We envision an opportunity to expand the volunteer participation for serving those who are at risk in our neighbourhood and community. The plan is to find 16 volunteers to form 4 teams of 3 people to help every 4th week. We’d also like to have 4 people on a standby list.

One person hands out the food bags, one serves coffee, the other serves cookies. All food prep logistics are handled beforehand and are not the team’s responsibility.

This new plan will start on May 9.

The commitment is 1 hour every 4th Sunday from 9:30-10:30am.

In total we seek 16 Mercy Boot Camp volunteers for the 4 summer months. No experience necessary. Just a passion with a heart of mercy to feed those who are hungry.

  • Week Firsts rotation: May 9 + June 6 + July 4 + Aug 1  (1 more needed)
  • Week Seconds rotation:  May 16 + June 13 + July 11 + Aug 8  (3 needed)
  • Week Thirds rotation:  May 23 + June 20 + July 18 + Aug 15  (3 needed)
  • Week Fourths rotation:  May 30 + June 27 + July 25 + Aug 22  (3 needed)

Please contact the office: / 240-582-2900 

or John: johnrademaker1(at) / 204-228-0042.


In Matthew 25 Jesus said “I was hungry and you gave me something to eat… When did we see you hungry and feed you?… Truly I tell you whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sister of mine, you did for me.” (vs 35 & 40 NIV)   



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Covid-19 Sunday Update – April 27, 2021

Effective immediately the tightened Covid-19 restrictions will result in WCV suspending in-person gatherings.

We will still be broadcasting live from WCV during this time.  No visitors will be permitted in the building besides those helping to run the service.

We will continue to serve our community folks outside (Mercy Boot Camp).

At this time, we understand implications for other meetings as thus:

  1. Jouth & Youth – These worship and instructional settings operate under the day camp provisions of the orders which allow gatherings of up to 10 people indoors or outdoors.  Stay tuned to newsletters and emails of each week’s plan.
  2. House Groups – Time to take advantage of the warmer weather and take a walk outside in public places (as you’re not allowed to meet in/on any private property at all).

The revised restrictions are in effect until May 26 or until superceded.



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