Mercy Boot Camp 2.0 – an opportunity

Invitation to Volunteer for Mercy Boot Camp 2.0

Recap on Season 1:

We’ve handed out food bags every Sunday from November to April: 6 months, 26 Sundays, 800 bags to hungry people in our Street Parish including many visitors.

We have two types of bags, small and large, that we alternate each week. The small holds two sandwiches ready to eat, a bag of potato chips, zip top can of hearty chicken soup, twelve wieners, dry soup bag, cookies and a fruit juice. The big bag has two mac and cheese, two dry soup, a sleeve of crackers, cans cans of pork and beans, a can of luncheon meat, chicken bologna and wieners. We spend approximately $1000/ month for this food. It has a tremendous impact on the recipients.

We share the food and we share the good news about Jesus. We always offer to pray with those who come and invite them into relationship with Jesus. Many know Jesus, some don’t.

Until now we’ve had various faithful volunteers each Sunday with no structured schedule.

The hungry count on us every week. Our Street Parish has been held together by this touch point activity throughout Covid-19.

Mercy Boot Camp 2.0: Season 2, May-Aug

We envision an opportunity to expand the volunteer participation for serving those who are at risk in our neighbourhood and community. The plan is to find 16 volunteers to form 4 teams of 3 people to help every 4th week. We’d also like to have 4 people on a standby list.

One person hands out the food bags, one serves coffee, the other serves cookies. All food prep logistics are handled beforehand and are not the team’s responsibility.

This new plan will start on May 9.

The commitment is 1 hour every 4th Sunday from 9:30-10:30am.

In total we seek 16 Mercy Boot Camp volunteers for the 4 summer months. No experience necessary. Just a passion with a heart of mercy to feed those who are hungry.

  • Week Firsts rotation: May 9 + June 6 + July 4 + Aug 1  (1 more needed)
  • Week Seconds rotation:  May 16 + June 13 + July 11 + Aug 8  (3 needed)
  • Week Thirds rotation:  May 23 + June 20 + July 18 + Aug 15  (3 needed)
  • Week Fourths rotation:  May 30 + June 27 + July 25 + Aug 22  (3 needed)

Please contact the office: / 240-582-2900 

or John: johnrademaker1(at) / 204-228-0042.


In Matthew 25 Jesus said “I was hungry and you gave me something to eat… When did we see you hungry and feed you?… Truly I tell you whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sister of mine, you did for me.” (vs 35 & 40 NIV)   



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Covid-19 Sunday Update – April 27, 2021

Effective immediately the tightened Covid-19 restrictions will result in WCV suspending in-person gatherings.

We will still be broadcasting live from WCV during this time.  No visitors will be permitted in the building besides those helping to run the service.

We will continue to serve our community folks outside (Mercy Boot Camp).

At this time, we understand implications for other meetings as thus:

  1. Jouth & Youth – These worship and instructional settings operate under the day camp provisions of the orders which allow gatherings of up to 10 people indoors or outdoors.  Stay tuned to newsletters and emails of each week’s plan.
  2. House Groups – Time to take advantage of the warmer weather and take a walk outside in public places (as you’re not allowed to meet in/on any private property at all).

The revised restrictions are in effect until May 26 or until superceded.



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Community Catalysts: encourage, equip, envision

Community Catalysts is a new yearly rhythm of three gatherings for everyone who wants to or is leading, influencing or serving the WCV community in some way shape or form. We’re calling you “catalysts” because you initiate activity, events or change within the WCV community in a positive way. 

catalyst [ kat-l-ist ] “Something (or someone) that causes activity, an event or change.”

With this in mind, the goal of Community Catalysts is threefold: 

    1. to encourage each other with connection and fun
    2. to equip each other with relevant training
    3. to envision each other to what God is calling us to 

The first Community Catalyst event is Monday, May 17, 7 – 9pm and we have something special lined up… 

We have engaged Vineyard Canada’s Leadership Development Team (Sherry Ansloos is part of this team) who are providing us with some high quality experiences that will help us “connect on what matters most”. This interactive training will be guided by Brady Wilson (Vineyard Canada National Team and CEO of Juice Inc.). 

To get a taste of what Brady will offer us, you can watch his Ted Talk entitled “How to Fix the Exhausted Brain”: 

Here’s the summary of what we’ll explore: 

    • How do we call out the best in each other as a community? 
    • How do we unlock energy in ourselves and in those we serve and lead? 
    • How do we connect on what matters most to each other in order to accomplish the mission God has given us? 

These are the kind of questions Brady will discuss in this highly engaging and interactive time together. You won’t want to miss it! This first gathering will provide the foundation on which we will build subsequent Community Catalyst events in the Fall of 2021 and Winter 2022 with Brady and the Vineyard Canada Leadership Development team.

Who is this for?: 

Everyone who wants to or is leading or serving in WCV in some way is welcome to participate. If you’re in high school now or those school days are ancient history, you are welcome to come! 

Sign up now!

(this takes you to an Eventbrite sign up page)

>>Monday, May 17, 7 – 9pm<<


What is a catalyst?:



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Next week, we’ll be SOAR-ing (March 26-30)

Still on the fence about whether to participate in SOAR HEARTLAND?

Just DO it! You won’t be sorry.  Click this link to go straight to the application: SOAR APPLICATION

Photo by Kevin LEE on Unsplash

There will be:

  • Excellent teaching
  • Spirit-filled worship
  • Life-changing opportunities
  • Deep challenges
  • Transformative prayer
  • Relationship building

Thanks to the new restrictions we can operate as a day camp with up to 25 people in the group!



  • Meet with Jesus

  • Experience God’s Heart for Winnipeg

  • Looking for a catalyst to renew your heart for Jesus?

  • Don’t just want to go to a youth conference, but want to get hands-on with ministry?

  • Experience God stretching you outside your comfort zone as you invest the 5 days into training, worship and ministry.

  • Experience the needs in your local community and maybe start a long-term relationship with a local ministry.

Here is the detailed schedule if you’d like to take a look: DETAILED SCHEDULE

The schedule is VERY flexible. Anyone is welcome to come and join us for the evening sessions, either at the church or from your own home.


You’ll notice that there are two days for us to experience ministry opportunities. These are some of the possibilities we’re considering:

  • hanging out at 710 Aberdeen – helping with lunch, kids ministry
  • serving our own ministries by sorting the ‘resource pile’ and getting things back in the vaults as we prepare for more in-person ministry
  • partnering with Mercy Boot Camp  – preparing food hampers
  • joining in with Love Lives Here
  • preparing a video ‘concert’ that we can share with nursing and care homes
  • ?????

Click this link to go straight to the application: SOAR APPLICATION


**Update – there is no longer a food delivery option due to covid restrictions. Participants will be required to bring their own food.  OR there are a few restaurants nearby if you’d like to walk and get food, OR you can use another delivery service of your choice! FOOD IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY (but there will be snacks available)


Introducing a New BOD Member

We are excited to announce that Deyan Momtchilov has agreed to an invitation to serve on the Board of Directors. This will be an item that will be up for ratification by the membership at our Annual General Meeting on April 12 (mark your calendars). Deyan will join Cornelius Martens (BOD Chair) and Sara Epp on the BOD. Note that Andrew Chan and Andy Wood also attend BOD meetings as invited liaisons. Also, while we’re on the subject of leadership, don’t forget we’re seeking your input in the discernment process for New Elders.

A little about Deyan:

Deyan Momtchilov

Deyan and his wife Deanna have been part of the Winnipeg Centre Vineyard for over 20 years and continue to consider it home. They first met through one of the church’s house groups and got to know each other while serving the community together.

Over the years, the two have led a house group, completed the church’s internship program, and contributed to the creative community and kids church in leadership and supporting capacities. During his internship with WCV, Deyan was part of the development of the School of Justice, the set-up of the Hadishville Farm and directly involved with the church’s ministry to our street community.

Deyan’s educational background is in architecture. He earned his degree in Environmental Design from the University of Manitoba and worked as a project manager in the construction industry in the years to follow before joining the City’s Planning, Property and Development Department. He is currently on the management team of the Development and Inspections Division.

Another intersecting point of Deyan’s knowledge and interests has been the investment in residential real estate. Along with his partners, he has been providing safe and affordable housing in the community for over a decade.

Deyan and Deanna have four children, Simeon, Esther, Kaloyana and Gavrail, and live in the Scotia Heights neighbourhood of the city.


Feature Image credit: by Tobias Mrzyk on Unsplash

Tools for Transformation: resources for prayer

We are developing a “tools for transformation” tool kit.

Here are the first three. You may want to give one or three a try in your own devotional times.

Enjoy and let us know how it goes. We’d love to hear about it.

>>Prayer Resource – Gospel Contemplation

>>Prayer Resource – Lectio Divina

>>Prayer Resource – Silence



It’s Time to Soar…

Update:  Full SOAR schedule – click here to download (pdf)

SOAR Heartland 2021 is just around the corner! The Soar Heartland Team at Multiply are working diligently to prepare an unforgettable experience for every participant. Your days will be full of worship, teaching, equipping, team interaction and prayer – maybe some fun, too.

We do know that all sessions will be available through live steam and other platforms, however, we do not yet know some of the finer details that are dependant upon whatever restrictions will be in place at that time. We’re anticipating that we’ll be able to be in the same room for worship times but may need to spread out for workshops and outreach preparation. We’ll roll with it.

You can expect an experience that will help you to Grow in your faith, to Know more of God’s heart for you and our community, and an opportunity to Go and serve our community! The ‘going’ part will look a little different due to Covid, but we are going to focus on what we CAN do.

Soar Heartland is open to ALL ages, however, if you are under 12 years of age you’ll need an adult to accompany you!

Take a moment to hear the Penner family’s experience at Soar:

Important Information and Instructions:

  1. Soar Heartland will happen from Friday, March 26, through Tuesday, March 30.
  2. The WCV Soar Team will be led by Kelly and Lani Wiens. Normally all the church teams would gather together for this event but Covid restrictions make that impossible at this time. However, know that there are many other churches from around the province and some from across the water that will be meeting together online.
  3. Click the link below and complete the two-part application. Where it says church/team please fill in Winnipeg Centre Vineyard. CLICK FOR SOAR APPLICATION LINK
  4. Please note that an application form needs to be filled out for every member of your family with a unique email for each person. IF you have younger children that do not have their own email, please let me know and I’ll send a note to the Soar coordinator to let them know those numbers, you don’t need to fill out an application for them.
  5. I would like to know that you have applied, please drop me a note!
  6. The cost of Soar is covered by donations. For a family, the suggested donation is $120 and $90 for individuals (watch the newsletter for a link to do this or let me know and I’ll send it to you once I get it!). There is an option for meal delivery but we’ll talk about that closer to the day!

Ways to be involved in Soar Heartland 2021, whether you can be part of the in-person team or serving behind the scenes:

  1. Participant (fill out the application above)
  2. Prayer Partner (we’d love to have a prayer team during the whole process – contact Lani at
  3. Prepare food for the participants (if we can do this, contact Lani if you’d like to help out with food)
  4. Pay for someone else to go (watch the newsletter for a link to do this or let me know and I’ll send it to you once I get it!)
  5. Production team (we may need a crew…)
  6. Possibilities team (prophetic intercession – bring on the ideas)

Contact Lani with any questions and to let me know how you will participate in Soar Heartland: or 306-859-7553 (cell)

Good Friday – an invitation to contribute

This coming Good Friday, we will “gaze upon the one whom they pierced” (John 19:37 / Zechariah 12:10).

You can have a part in this service. Here’s a simple invitation:

1. Pray. Spend a little time in prayer considering Jesus’ crucifixion. Place yourself in the scene, perhaps at the foot of the cross. Observe Jesus. Suffering. Bleeding. Dying. Forgiving.

2. Record. Consider what comes up for you, then take a short video (from your phone is fine) to record your thoughts in the following format, filling in the blanks with your own words:

  • When I look upon the one who was pierced I see ___________.
  • When I look upon the one who was pierced I am ___________.

Here’s an example: “When I look upon the one they have pierced I see unconditional love“. When I look upon the one they have pierced I am humbled.”

3. Send. Share the video (keep them very short – 20 seconds max) with Andrew at the office. We will compile all the videos into a collage of short reflections to be used in our Good Friday Service online and in-person.


Thanks for your participation!

Deadline for video submissions is March 29.


Good Friday Service:

April 2, 2021, 7pm.

Online (via Facebook) and In-Person.



Photo by Josh Applegate on Unsplash

The Role of Elders & New Elder Process – an invitation

The Role of the Elders at WCV

In the Vineyard, Elders function as overseers who tend to the spiritual health and vision of the community.  They are a small group of seasoned leaders and followers of Jesus who gather regularly to prayerfully seek God’s direction and counsel for matters relating to church life and spiritual growth. There are two kinds of elders in Winnipeg Centre Vineyard – Pastoral Elders (typically paid staff members)* and Lay Elders (volunteers from the church community).

There are a number of examples of Elders’ roles in scripture including: leading the church [1 Tim 5:17; Titus 1:7; 1 Peter 5:1–2], teaching and preaching [1 Timothy 3:2; 2 Timothy 4:2; Titus 1:9], encouraging, challenging and protecting the church according to scripture [1 Timothy 4:13; 2 Timothy 3:13–17; Titus 1:9], visiting the sick and praying [James 5:14; Acts 6:4], and weighing issues of doctrine [Acts 15:6]. They are charged with the care of the community – to help, equip and lead.

In WCV, the Pastoral and Lay Elders work together, however the Pastoral Elders have the added responsibility of implementing the daily tasks associated with our vision. Currently the Elders are led by our Lead Pastor who is accountable to the whole leadership team (BOD & Elders).

The Pastoral and Lay Elders have the authority to tend to the needs and spiritual affairs arising from the vision of the church community. However, if their proposed actions will have an effect on the macro vision of the church or the legal, managerial, or financial affairs of the church community, they must obtain the approval of the Board of Directors before moving forward.

Current Pastoral Elders:

  • Andy (lead) & Beckie Wood
  • Violet Rademaker (non-paid)

Current Lay Elders:

  • Cornelius (BOD Chair) & Tania Martens (term ends Fall 2023)
  • Lindsay & Lois Ward (term ends Fall 2023)
  • Christy Chan (term ends Fall 2023)

*Note: Not all WCV staff members are automatically Pastoral Elders.

What we look for in Elders:

1. Biblical requirements for Eldership as explained in 1 Timothy 3 & Titus 1.

2. Walking out and dialoguing with our 15 Core Practices. Of particular note are: Devotion to Jesus (elders should be devoted to their walk with God), Circles of Sharing (a hallmark of eldership is hospitality) and Generosity (elders should be tithing to the local church).

3. A good fit with the current team and the season the Vineyard is in. While there are many people who generally qualify as elders, the current elders must prayerfully discern who is the best fit for right now.  What skills and gift mix will best suit the team that exists? Do we have a good representation of the voices of our community in our leadership (young, old, male, female, married, single, etc. )? This is not a popularity contest – it is a serious process to discern who God has prepared and gifted to serve the whole community at this time.

4. Already serving in ministry in some form in the church (worship, children, youth, house group, hospitality, etc.). Elders carry a pastoral heart for the community which must find expression.

5. Elders, while not always older, are all seasoned leaders and followers of Jesus.

6. Elders can be married couples, singles, or one partner in a marriage.

A few points to keep in mind:

  1. Leadership is servanthood. It’s not about ordering others around, but rather serving others (Luke 22:25-27). Being an elder isn’t a promotion. Rather, it’s a recognition of the way a person is currently serving and influencing our community.
  2. Leadership is action. It’s not about position or titles. While specific roles can be very helpful, true leadership is never about titles. If someone has a position of leadership, but doesn’t have anyone following, then they’re just going for a walk.

What Serving as a Lay Elder Looks Like:

While we normally choose elders who are already eldering in our community in some sort of fashion, there are several added responsibilities for those serving on the Eldership Team.

  1. Communication and Minutes. Elders are put on the email thread for weekly staff minutes, BOD minutes, and other church leadership news items. Elders should be reading these forms of communication to keep a pulse on what is going on. They should also ask questions, and add input as needed, as well as regularly pray for the workings of the church.
  2. Monthly Elder Meetings. The Pastoral and Lay Elders gather together once a month. The purposes of these meetings are two fold: a) to spend an time in worship and prayer, listening for what God is doing in our midst, and discern what He is inviting us to. b) Talking through spiritual needs in our community, and making plans for extending care.
  3. Leadership Team Gatherings.  The Elders, Pastoral staff, and Board of Directors will occasionally gather together to be face to face with one another as we seek God’s vision and direction, and collaborate in aligning our strategies to walk forward together. Additionally, there will be other opportunities to gather with other leaders in WCV for training, connection and envisioning. 
  4. Yearly Retreat. Once a year (typically May / June) the Elders go on a two day retreat with a focus of praying and seeking God together. During this time we reflect on the highs and lows of the last year, and begin to dream and envision the next year. We are not having a 2021 retreat due to Covid-19 limitations. 
  5. Regular Connection with Community. Elders need to commit to being available to serve and extend care to the community. This involves welcoming newcomers, gathering to pray for those in need, showing hospitality, and meeting with congregants to listen to questions, concerns or suggestions.

New Lay Elder Process:

New Lay Elders are nominated and selected through a several month process. The regular term for elders is three years. We want to be engaging in the process of bringing in new lay elders every few years as current elders step down. This creates a healthy rhythm in leadership.

Here is a detailed look at what the new Lay Elder Process looks like:

  1. Nomination and Discernment (March – April 15, 2021). During this time the community and the elder team nominate those they see are currently functioning as elders (even if they don’t have the position). Prayerfully ask, “who do I naturally look to for counsel, support, care, etc?”  Chances are, those are the people who are already functioning as elders. At the same time, the Pastoral and Lay Elders are prayerfully discerning if people qualify and are a good fit for the current team and season of life the church is in.
  2. Proposal & Mutual Consideration (April 15 – June 30, 2021). The Pastoral Elders will contact potential new elders and invite them to prayerfully consider. This is a period in which we see if this “seems good to us and the Holy Spirit”.
  3. Prospective Elder Period (Sept – Dec, 2021).  This is a (typically) three-month period during which prospective elders come to monthly elder meetings and are in communication with Pastoral Elders.  At the end of this period it’s determined if it is a fit.
  4. Membership Vote (2022 AGM – normally in the Spring). Those who are formal members of WCV are able to vote on the prospective new elders. If the new elder is ratified, this begins their 3-year term.  Bear in mind that this is a vote, not on who should become elders, but on whether those who’ve been identified via the above process are the right decision for the Vineyard at this time.

An Invitation:

We invite you to prayerfully consider who the Lord may be inviting to step into serving the community for the next season of our life together. We will be using the above criteria to prayerfully discern who to invite into this area of leadership and service. Please submit names to the office or Andy until April 15, 2021.

School of Contemplative Life

There is a school starting up this Spring that some of you may be interested in. For those who have been interested in Sustainable Faith’s Schools of Spiritual Direction but aren’t interested in becoming Spiritual Directors, this may be for you. This School swims in the same stream.

The cohort that is beginning in Winnipeg is led by Rick and Luanne Hill! Below is an invitation from the Hills:

For the past several years, we have been on a path of unpacking our well-worn spiritual lives and seeking to find deeper meaning in our relationship with God and with ourselves. We have made some discoveries that we wanted to share with you.

Many of us in our spiritual walk, have been taught to learn things about God and to do things for God. In our experience, we have found that this way of doing life can leave us tired and weary and asking ourselves “is there something more to sustain our sense of connection with Love?”. If the extent of our relationship is based primarily on learning and doing we can miss out completely on the invitation to know our Creator on a deeper level, in our hearts, the place of our deepest longings and desires. 

We are curious…. what is going on in the quiet, hidden places of your soul? Are good things happening there? Are you hungry to experience God in a deeper way? We would like to invite you on a journey to experience the slow unhurried process of transformation in your life. Together we will learn how to develop the healthy spiritual habits/practices that create a space for us to deepen our awareness of how God is moving in our lives and to allow our truest selves to emerge – an opportunity for awakening.

We are offering the School of Contemplative Life (SCL), beginning April 30th – May 1st.  SCL is set up as a two-year journey, but you can commit to Year 1 and Year 2 separately. Each year consists of four 24-hour experiences spaced evenly over a 12- month period. Each retreat will focus on a particular spiritual practice that will help us to experience God in a more profound way. It is important to note that much of the transformation occurs between retreats as we connect our interior work with our outer world.

You can find out more information about the School of Contemplative Live (SCL) on the website of Sustainable Faith here.

Please note that although the school is designed for in-person retreats, in light of current public health restrictions, the cohort will be offered online this year.

Please contact us with any questions you may have and feel free to pass this invitation on to anyone you feel might be interested. 

We look forward to connecting with you!

Luanne and Rick Hill

Photo by Jp Valery on Unsplash

Ending Poverty Together Workshop

We are excited to be hosting an event that will help provide some good foundation for our Activation towards those who are poor. Several WCVers participated in this workshop during the Belong Symposium in November and were impressed by the content high quality interactive delivery.

We have a long history of engaging in issues of poverty, working alongside the marginalized, and actively pursing justice in our community. We’re praying that this workshop will help rekindle this Core Practice of WCV.

Workshop facilitators from Food for the Hungry Canada will be leading us in this engaging and highly interactive workshop.

About this Event:

Have you ever been in this situation? A commercial shows you an image of a starving child in Africa and petitions that only you can help. Or someone living in homelessness approaches you on the sidewalk and asks for money. Or you suspect your neighbour is going into debt because of job loss during this COVID-19 pandemic. 

What do I do? Can I really make a difference? 

We invite you to join with others to explore the big questions about poverty and discuss tangible solutions.

Join us for a 3.5 hour interactive online workshop on Saturday, March 13th, 2021. 12:30pm – 4pm.

This online workshop will be interactive through a zoom link. Materials will be emailed to you for most effective participation.

>>Register here!<<

Space will be limited.

Covid-19 Sunday Update

As you are likely aware, on Feb 12, 2021 some of the current Covid-19 restrictions are changing regarding church gatherings. The new orders will allow churches to gather to 10% capacity to a maximum of 50 people – while adhering to the normal protocols (hand-sanitizing, physical distancing, staying home of you’re sick, etc).

We are making a few changes that will begin Feb 21, 2021.

We will be opening up the building for a limited number of people to participate by joining the live-streaming service in-person on Sunday mornings. We will give priority to those who have no access to technology to watch the livestream from home. We will be in touch with those people to specifically invite them (since they most likely won’t be reading this post!). Additionally, those who are involved in the Mercy Boot Camp (either recipients or volunteers) will be able to join in the service in-person. We will keep a strict cap on the number of people in the building. Even though restrictions allow 50 people, we won’t be able to accommodate that many due to the updates with our live-streaming equipment. We are in the process of making changes to permanently install all our equipment, which will then allow more participants in our gatherings at 782 Main St and maintain the quality of our livestream.

Our general posture towards resuming in-person gatherings will be a gradual “ramp-up”. In the future we will have a registration process for those who want to gather in-person instead of participating online. This will be to ensure we always have enough space for the street community and others who don’t have livestream access. 

These changes will begin Feb 21.