Administration Transition Situation – Update 16 June (Job Posting Re-opened)


We have been very blessed to have Katrin temporarily helping us out in the office for the last 3 1/2 months.  Her diverse skillset was instrumental in technical projects such as implementing the building access systems, check-in systems, and building the church database.

In two weeks’ time she will be moving on to another exciting job.  Thank you Katrin for tackling those intensive tasks in such a wonderfully diligent manner!

We are re-opening the application for the Administrator Position.   Applications will be open until June 30.

Andrew Chan will be working down to a 0.25 part-time position to continue in the bookkeeping role and provide oversight in administrative matters.



We’ve been blessed (lucky) to have Andrew Chan working as our Interim director of Administration and Bookkeeping since August 2020. It is hard to describe how helpful it has been to have his expertise focussed on this part of the church – particularly during a pandemic. His attention to the detail while maintaining a firm grasp on the big picture has been invaluable. Thanks Andrew! As his title suggests, this was always meant to be an interim arrangement. We’ve approached this interim period with the goal of upgrading or implementing various systems and structures that would help the next person or people flourish in these roles which, in turn, would enable us to better accomplish our mission of partnering with God in the redemptive mission we are called to. Let’s hear it for good administration in the Kingdom of God! Yay!

In the next month or so we will be posting a job position for a part-time administrator to begin the process of transitioning to a new administration situation. You can watch for that and be praying about it.

In the meantime Katrin Loewen has offered to help out for the next three months. This will free up some of Andrew’s time to tackle the larger projects on the docket that keep getting deferred (that pesky virus got in the way of some of our plans!). Thanks Katrin!

Katrin Loewen & Andrew Chan



Feature Photo by Damian Zaleski on Unsplash