The Investigators: Learning to see what the Spirit is doing

This summer we’re going to be sharpening our discernment muscles. We’ve felt a specific nudge to lean into discernment and so we’ve developed a fun and exciting plan for our Sunday Gatherings this summer called, “The Investigators: learning to see what the Spirit is doing”. We are going to be bringing kids church downstairs for the summer because this is something that we can all benefit from, no matter our age. Not only will this make our gatherings more family friendly, it will be an opportunity to learn and experience together across all ages.

Rooted in the John 5:19 scripture in which Jesus says he only does what he sees the Father doing, we’re going to be like detectives on a search to see what the Spirit is up to amongst us. On Sundays we’ll be looking at various Jesus stories – you know, the kind of stories in which Jesus did something dramatic, impactful or loving. Each Sunday we’ll be asking:

  1. What did Jesus see his Father doing in this story?
  2. What do we see Jesus doing in this story?
  3. What is the Spirit inviting me to do?

Each week we’re going to make space to hear how we answered the Spirit’s invitation to us over the past week and we’ll hear a short teaching about the story we’re exploring. There will be object lessons, group activities and options to engage in group discussion around tables. It will be a great summer to bring the whole family.

Let’s get good at seeing what the Spirit is up to together!




Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash


One thought on “The Investigators: Learning to see what the Spirit is doing

  1. Praise the Lord…I will be listening and sharing your summer message.
    This is wonderg ..hearing and obeying the Holy Spirits guidance is a must especially in these dire times we live in.
    I have been sharing the same message wherever I go….
    People who seem hopeless are finally open to the truth….

    They shall know the Truth,(That Jesus) and He is more than able to set them free…

    His sheep hear His wonderful voice.

    Maranatha 🌻💛🤗💛🌻 Shalom

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