We’re Searching & Praying: Lead Pastor (updated)

Update Sept 18, 2022 : We sought and the Lord provided!  Please refer to the separate posting for details.  The search is now closed, but keep praying for the transition process.


We are in the process of searching and praying for a new Lead Pastor. Check the Job Description below for full details.

We’ve also created a few other supplementary documents regarding our transition process. The Pastoral Transition Map is designed to give some form to our process and let the community know about opportunities for involvement along the way. The Pastoral Transition FAQ provides some answers to some common questions about our process in general and Andy’s stepping away from his role in particular.

Lead Pastor Job Description

  • Full description of the role.
  • Application details.
  • Posted May 27, 2022.
  • Will remain open until filled.

Pastoral Transition Map

  • Outline of our transition process highlighting various markers along the journey.
  • Includes opportunities for community to engagement.

Pastoral Transition FAQ

  • Compilation of information shared at our AGM back in April.
  • Questions and answers about why Andy is stepping away from his role as well as the general process moving forward.
  • Note that some of these details will shift as things develop.
  • Originally shared with the community via email in the beginning of May.




Photo by Chase Clark on Unsplash