Next week, we’ll be SOAR-ing (March 26-30)

Still on the fence about whether to participate in SOAR HEARTLAND?

Just DO it! You won’t be sorry.  Click this link to go straight to the application: SOAR APPLICATION

Photo by Kevin LEE on Unsplash

There will be:

  • Excellent teaching
  • Spirit-filled worship
  • Life-changing opportunities
  • Deep challenges
  • Transformative prayer
  • Relationship building

Thanks to the new restrictions we can operate as a day camp with up to 25 people in the group!



  • Meet with Jesus

  • Experience God’s Heart for Winnipeg

  • Looking for a catalyst to renew your heart for Jesus?

  • Don’t just want to go to a youth conference, but want to get hands-on with ministry?

  • Experience God stretching you outside your comfort zone as you invest the 5 days into training, worship and ministry.

  • Experience the needs in your local community and maybe start a long-term relationship with a local ministry.

Here is the detailed schedule if you’d like to take a look: DETAILED SCHEDULE

The schedule is VERY flexible. Anyone is welcome to come and join us for the evening sessions, either at the church or from your own home.


You’ll notice that there are two days for us to experience ministry opportunities. These are some of the possibilities we’re considering:

  • hanging out at 710 Aberdeen – helping with lunch, kids ministry
  • serving our own ministries by sorting the ‘resource pile’ and getting things back in the vaults as we prepare for more in-person ministry
  • partnering with Mercy Boot Camp  – preparing food hampers
  • joining in with Love Lives Here
  • preparing a video ‘concert’ that we can share with nursing and care homes
  • ?????

Click this link to go straight to the application: SOAR APPLICATION


**Update – there is no longer a food delivery option due to covid restrictions. Participants will be required to bring their own food.  OR there are a few restaurants nearby if you’d like to walk and get food, OR you can use another delivery service of your choice! FOOD IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY (but there will be snacks available)


It’s Time to Soar…

Update:  Full SOAR schedule – click here to download (pdf)

SOAR Heartland 2021 is just around the corner! The Soar Heartland Team at Multiply are working diligently to prepare an unforgettable experience for every participant. Your days will be full of worship, teaching, equipping, team interaction and prayer – maybe some fun, too.

We do know that all sessions will be available through live steam and other platforms, however, we do not yet know some of the finer details that are dependant upon whatever restrictions will be in place at that time. We’re anticipating that we’ll be able to be in the same room for worship times but may need to spread out for workshops and outreach preparation. We’ll roll with it.

You can expect an experience that will help you to Grow in your faith, to Know more of God’s heart for you and our community, and an opportunity to Go and serve our community! The ‘going’ part will look a little different due to Covid, but we are going to focus on what we CAN do.

Soar Heartland is open to ALL ages, however, if you are under 12 years of age you’ll need an adult to accompany you!

Take a moment to hear the Penner family’s experience at Soar:

Important Information and Instructions:

  1. Soar Heartland will happen from Friday, March 26, through Tuesday, March 30.
  2. The WCV Soar Team will be led by Kelly and Lani Wiens. Normally all the church teams would gather together for this event but Covid restrictions make that impossible at this time. However, know that there are many other churches from around the province and some from across the water that will be meeting together online.
  3. Click the link below and complete the two-part application. Where it says church/team please fill in Winnipeg Centre Vineyard. CLICK FOR SOAR APPLICATION LINK
  4. Please note that an application form needs to be filled out for every member of your family with a unique email for each person. IF you have younger children that do not have their own email, please let me know and I’ll send a note to the Soar coordinator to let them know those numbers, you don’t need to fill out an application for them.
  5. I would like to know that you have applied, please drop me a note!
  6. The cost of Soar is covered by donations. For a family, the suggested donation is $120 and $90 for individuals (watch the newsletter for a link to do this or let me know and I’ll send it to you once I get it!). There is an option for meal delivery but we’ll talk about that closer to the day!

Ways to be involved in Soar Heartland 2021, whether you can be part of the in-person team or serving behind the scenes:

  1. Participant (fill out the application above)
  2. Prayer Partner (we’d love to have a prayer team during the whole process – contact Lani at
  3. Prepare food for the participants (if we can do this, contact Lani if you’d like to help out with food)
  4. Pay for someone else to go (watch the newsletter for a link to do this or let me know and I’ll send it to you once I get it!)
  5. Production team (we may need a crew…)
  6. Possibilities team (prophetic intercession – bring on the ideas)

Contact Lani with any questions and to let me know how you will participate in Soar Heartland: or 306-859-7553 (cell)

Grow, Know, Go…SOAR

You’re ready to DO something! Soar Heartland is an opportunity to Connect with God’s heart for the lost, Activate with outreach into our community and to Transform personally.

Take FIVE days (normally Soar runs for the full Spring break), join as an individual, a home group or as a family and engage with what God is doing right in our own back yard! View the following video to hear what Soar is all about.

This Friday (Jan 22) there will be an online pre-Soar worship gathering that you are welcome to attend to get a taste of what is coming. You can register for this FREE event by clicking HERE.


Kelly and Lani Wiens are going to lead a team from Winnipeg Centre Vineyard and are looking for others to join them on this adventure. While youth are the main target, family teams, intergenerational groups, your home group…all are welcome to join the WCV team.

WHEN: March 26-30, 2021

WHERE: Live-streamed to our location (we’re really hoping we’ll be able to be in person at some level by this date), however, modifications are in place if this isn’t possible

COST (suggested donation): $90/individual, $120/family, if we are in person, there will be a delivered meal option of $75/person (4 lunches/4 suppers)

WHAT: check out this PDF to get an overview of what the program looks like copy the link below into your browser and view. As a group there will be worship, teaching, prayer ministry, learning and ministry outreach opportunities.

Interested? Questions? Feel free to comment below or email Lani.

Craft Time with Lani – Sheep

Hi there crafters,

This little sheep craft doesn’t take a lot of materials and they’re probably ones you’ve got in your house already, except maybe googly eyes, but they’re optional. If you REALLY want googly eyes send me an email at lani(at sign)wcvchurch(dot)ca and I’ll send you some.

Below are the materials and instructions and below that is a video OR you can download and print the instructions by clicking here: PRINT VERSION

Here’s what you’ll need:

Toilet paper tube or equivalent

Cotton balls

Stiff paper





Black Marker

Googly Eyes (optional)


  1. Cut the toilet tube so it’s not too long. I cut mine in half and I could make two sheep!
  2. Pull a few cotton balls in half.
  3. Glue a section of the toilet tube and press the cotton balls onto the glue.
  4. Keep working around the tube until all the space is covered with cotton.
  5. Draw a face/head. 
    1. Draw a circle just a little bigger than the toilet tube.
    2. Make one end of the circle longer to make the sheep’s mouth and noise.
    3. Add some ears to the other end of the circle.
  6. Cut out your face once you’re happy with the shape.
  7. I used the other side of the face to make the eyes and nose so that my pencil lines didn’t show.
  8. Add some details, whatever you like;
    1. The inner ears
    2. Maybe some swirls for wool
  9. Add eyes, either draw them on or glue on googly eyes
  10. Attach the head to the body with glue
  11. Add the legs:
    1. Cut the Q-tips in half
    2. Cover one end in glue
    3. Wedge the legs in between the cotton balls

All Done!

Remember that Jesus is the Good Shepherd and the Good Shepherd loves his sheep!!

Advent Package Deliveries

Good Thursday WCV,

In the next two days (Nov 27-28) someone will be delivering an Advent Engagement Package to your door! So glad that deliveries are A-okay during Covid! We hope that this will be a fun way for our whole community to engage in Advent activities as we prepare together, while we’re apart.

The theme for this year is ‘Getting Ready for a Party’. We want to engage in all the activities that you normally do as you anticipate gathering together, except that our focus is preparing for Jesus’ arrival. You can expect to engage in some party planning activities throughout the season. 

We hope that you’ll enter into the spirit of the season and enjoy the activities that we’ve put together for you. Please post your pictures on FB or Insta with the hashtag #WCVadvent2020

– Lani (Kids & Youth Ministries Director)

Cover Photo by Kira auf der Heide on Unsplash