Summer Series and Serving

With only two weeks left in the school year, summer planning is in full swing!

Summer Cinema is the theme for this summer. We’ll look at the lessons and Biblical truth that can be gleaned from some carefully selected movies. No, we won’t be watching the whole thing on a Sunday morning, but various speakers will be showing clips and helping us look for the truth behind the tinsel.

We will have supervised time for kids aged 3 through third grade in our KidsChurch area. Our regular team of amazing volunteers gets a well-deserved break over the summer, so we are looking for a few individuals who would like to help out upstairs. By filling out THIS FORM, you can let us know when you’re available. Background checks are mandatory.

Our Youth will be hanging out here and there throughout the summer. That schedule will be posted shortly!

See you at the movies!



We’re Hiring!!

Winnipeg Centre Vineyard is inviting applications for the position of

Assistant to the Director of Kids and Youth Ministry

NOTE: While this job description is for an assistant to the Director of Kids and Youth Ministry, we recognize that there might be more than one way to fulfill the responsibilities outlined. We are open to a job-share arrangement to fill this part-time position.

View the full job description and details by clicking on the position title.

Send your application and cover letter to Mauritz at

Posted August 3, 2023.  Closing date August 24, 2023.

Summer Series – I Wonder Why? Getting Curious About Our Faith and Practices. 



We are excited to announce our new summer series! Building off the success of our “Investigator” series last summer, we are once again preparing for 10 weeks of inter-generational, family-friendly gatherings!

This year our sermon series is called:

 “I Wonder Why…” Getting Curious about Our Faith and Practices.” 

Why do we give? Why do we pray? Why do we go to church? 

Our hope is that over the course of the summer, we will be able to engage with questions like these in ways that are both accessible and engaging for all ages. We want to enter into these questions with a posture of curiosity and wonder. What can we discover as we explore each topic through scripture, story, activities, and experience? What might God want to show us and invite us into? 

Our summer gatherings will run from 10:00 am – 11:15 am (note the shortened time), and we have the privilege to learn from some amazing members of our community. 

We hope you can join us!

Week 1 – July 2 – I Wonder Why WeTake Communion? (Mauritz)

Week 2 – July 9 – I Wonder Why We Pray? (Lani, Violet and Kelly)

Week 3 – July 16 – I Wonder Why We Go to Church? (Brett)

      ——July 23 – Bird’s Hill Park (Baptism and Picnic) ——–

Week 4 – July 30 – I Wonder Why We Do Spiritual Practices? (Derek and Ashley)

Week 5 – Aug. 6 – I Wonder Why We Believe the Bible is True? (Krista)

Week 6 – Aug. 13 – I Wonder Why We Are Invited to Play and Create? (Dave Johns)

Week 7 – Aug. 20 –  I Wonder Why We Love our Neighbour and the Stranger? (John Mark)

Week 8- Aug. 27 – I Wonder Why We Give? (Mauritz)

Week 9 – Sept. 3 –I Wonder Why We Serve? (Dustin)

Week 10 – Sept. 10 – Wrap Up the Series – I Wonder Why We Wonder? (Lani)


Youth Schedule: April 14-May 12

WCV invites youth from grades 6-12 to join us for fun and games and the Word (and snacks…there are always snacks):

FRIDAY – April 14 – Nerf & Nacho Night – bring your gear and your guns for an awesome night of fun!

FRIDAY – April 21 – We’re going to start a series on Jonah, bring your Bible and a friend. (the guy smells fishy to me) : Cartoon for Oct 20, 2006: "Full of Jonah"

FRIDAY – April 28 – Jonah needs to know that God is the boss! (he had a whale of a time getting there)

May 5-7 – Our Quiz Team is in Eston SK for FINALS. Please cheer them on and pray for safe travels and a great meet!

FRIDAY – May 5 – Jonah finally gets it together and says yes to God! (that time where you finally do what you’re asked)

SUNDAY – May 7 – Sunday morning hang out with Brett and Jeff (living out our faith looks like…)

FRIDAY – May 12 – Marshmallow Mania – what’s sweet, white and squishy and extra-ordinarily versatile in the fun department?

Wanna join our quiz team next year (grades 7-12)? We’re going to be studying Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, and Colossians!

What is quizzing? A way for youth to study God’s word through a competitive, social, prairie-wide community!

Email: if you want to know more!


We are in Week 2 of the Challenge and it is NEVER to late to join in.


Who is it for?

This challenge is primarily for kids in Grades 1-6 but we’re allowing a little stretch on either side if someone wants to participate!

What is it?

A way to engage with the Bible, read it, consume it, and fall in love with God’s Word. Using a workbook to guide them through the weekly challenges, participants read, interact and memorize scripture accumulating points along the way.

Are there prizes?

You bet there are. Grand prizes will be announced in week 4 (it will be something that the whole family can enjoy)!! Along the way, we’ll be giving out a few other surprises to encourage everyone to keep on ‘eating’!!

Does my child need a workbook to participate?

I’ll be posting the weekly challenge in the WCV Parents Round Table Facebook Group, if you aren’t there you can join us by using THIS LINK.  

However, ALL the extra challenges AND super challenges AND the rules are all posted in there, so yeah, you kinda do need a workbook. You can request one by emailing the church at or

How do we keep track of points?

The kids have gone home with a ‘scoresheet’ to keep track of what they’ve done that week. This week we’ll hand out the whole set for all the weeks.  Every week they can hand that in AS WELL AS keeping track in their workbook. Parents, you need to initial each completed challenge. We’re going with the honor system, please help your child out with keeping an honest record.

At the end of the challenge, everyone will hand in their workbook, we’ll double-check the points and hand out the prizes.

Why is it called Eat This Book?

In Ezekiel chapter 3, God interacts with the prophet telling him to, ‘Eat this scroll!’ When the prophet had done that and found it sweet like honey and filled his belly, the Lord said, ‘Now go and speak.’ We currently don’t use scrolls, so the nearest equivalent is book. Our prayer is that WCV kids will ‘eat the book’ find it sweet and fulfilling and speak about what they’ve consumed.

Any other questions – don’t hesitate to ask!

5 Ways You Can Serve

Our District Quiz Meet is right around the corner – February 10-12. There are at least 5 ways that you can serve our hard-working quiz team!

  1. Host some quizzers, officials or coaches in your homes. Thank you to those of you who have indicated that you will do this!  Make sure you fill out THIS APPLICATION to let us know all the pertinent information.
  2. Baking!!!  Some of you are pretty great at this. The District needs between 80-100 DOZEN items to help feed all those Bible-loving youth during the weekend!! We would be especially grateful for some gluten-free and/or dairy-free items for those with sensitivities. Let Lani know how many items you can send with us! (
  3. Transportation. We’re going to be hosting about 20 youth in our building with Millar’s help, however, we need a way to get them back and forth to the quiz meet. If you can be a driver, that would be excellent!
  4. Cheer us on!! The competition is open to the public, you’re welcome to come and watch and cheer on our team!! The meet is being held at Cornerstone Alliance Church.
  5. Pray for us. We REALLY need this, it can feel like a lot of pressure to compete with everybody looking. Please pray for calm nerves, recall of the things they’ve already learned, and capacity to learn what they need to in the weeks before competition.

Billet Application Form

Opportunity to Practice Hospitality

Hey WCV Family,

We started a Bible quizzing club this year! They’ve been doing an amazing job of learning and memorizing in the book of ACTS. One of the things they get to do is compete in quiz meets throughout the year to see what they’ve learned, and they have some fun doing it. We are part of the Canadian MidWest Bible Quizzing District (CMD).

You can view more photos of the quiz meets  by clicking HERE.     

There are a whole lot of other quizzing clubs that are part of CMD. On the weekend of February 10-12 about 200 youth quizzers, coaches and officials will be coming to Winnipeg for the first District quiz meet. Cornerstone Alliance Church is hosting the meet but we need to find places for all of those people to sleep.

Quizzing churches (that would be us) have been asked to help find hosts who would be willing to use some floor space and/or beds/couches for these lovely folks to lay their heads while they’re here.

There is an application process. Canadian Midwest Quizzing District (the organization that oversees the quizzing community) has a SafePlace Policy that requires vetting of all host families.

You can access the application form at the link below, it has all the information regarding the particulars of hosting quizzers!

February 2022 Billet Application (002)

We’ll also have paper copies available at the church office. Thanks in advance for supporting the quizzing community.

If you have any questions you can chat with Lani! (

Pumpkins and Pirates…pictures and recipe!!

We had a great time on Sunday with our Pumpkins and Pirates event. It was really fun to see all the costumes and the pumpkin carvings were fabulous! We learned that there are all kinds of treasures to be gleaned from the depths of a pumpkin.

God chose us, he cleans us up and he transforms us so that we can shine the light of Jesus to the world.

If you weren’t with us or didn’t get the handout with the pumpkin seed recipe…here it is:

Easy Roasted Pumpkin Seeds


  • cleaned (de-goopified) and dried pumpkin seeds from one pumpkin
  • 1 tablespoon butter or oil of your choice for every cup of seeds
  • kosher salt, pepper, garlic powder to taste
  • add in some other spices: rosemary, paprika, seasoned salt (omit kosher salt), curry powder, chili powder


  1. Preheat your oven to 350F.
  2. Toss the seeds with the oil or butter and the spices you’ve chosen
  3. spread seeds in one layer on a cookie sheet
  4. place the cookie sheet in the oven. About seven minutes into cooking, stir the seeds around.
  5. Toast the seeds until they’re crunchy and golden, about 15 minutes. (Test a cooled seed to make sure they’re crunchy and not chewy!)

Want the full download?  Go to Family Life – Gospel Pumpkin


Choose Your Own Adventure – Kids Church Calendar (October)

Ahoy mateys! We’re about to set sail on a grand adventure!

We’ll be learning this verse with our shipmates this month! CLICK HERE to learn the sign language for this verse.

Navigating life is a tough business, these are the skills we’re picking up this month:

October 3 – Week 1 – I can be wise by not choosing sides (favoritism)

October 10 – Thanksgiving and Baptism (NO Kids Church)

October 17 – Week 2 – I can be wise by choosing my words carefully

October 24 – Week 3 – I can be wise by choosing to do good

October 31 – PUMPKINS AND PIRATES EVENT  – a Sunday morning mainstage event for the whole family, dress up in your pirate-y best, bring your pumpkin and carving gear and strap in for some great sailing!

*Kids Church is available online (live through Zoom) and in-person. If you are planning to visit us in either capacity please contact our office for more information.

Jouth-Youth Activity Calendar for October

It’s hard to believe that the leaves have turned and pumpkin (or apple) season has arrived. Please see the calendar below for Jouth/Youth activities for the month of October.

Due to the small size of our Jouth/Youth team, we’re asking parents to take turns helping out at our Jouth and Youth events. A current Vulnerable Sector Check is mandatory, if you’re not sure when yours expires please check with the office, we’d love to help you get an up-to-date one. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Jouth – Fear+Busters – God is bigger than our problems, my faith is stronger than my fear!

Youth – We Are One – (wk 1)Diversity was God’s idea! (wk 2)We are ALL equal! (wk 3) Open hearts lead to open doors!

Preparing for Kid’s and Youth in-person activities

We’re excited and getting geared up to be starting in-person Kid’s church on Sept 19. There’s a lot swirling to get this going. At the same time there’s a lot swirling in our world. A few words about that:

First, let’s hold on to love. This is our priority as a church. Please know that you are loved. Period.

Second, we’re not giving in to fear. That isn’t the kind of spirit that God gives.

Third, we’re really excited to open up the doors to kid’s church again.

In order to do all three, AND to respect the restrictions and protocols the government has put in place, we’re going to do our best to provide a safe environment by using the following measures for our in-person gatherings, particularly where we intersect with our more vulnerable sectors:

  1. Masking, social distancing, and sanitization will remain our standard for Sunday morning gatherings, Kids Church, Jouth, Youth, and any other in-person public events.
  2. Rapid tests for anyone unvaccinated 24 hrs prior to working with vulnerable sector individuals – (kids, youth, vulnerable adults). This includes any volunteer who will be serving in close proximity (<2m) to other individuals for a period of time likely exceeding 10 minutes.  Individuals exhibiting a positive result will be asked to refrain from coming to whatever event they were volunteering for and will be encouraged to seek out further testing.  Rapid tests will be supplied by the church.
  3. Temperature testing for kids and youth attending in-person events – anyone displaying a temperature over 38C will be asked to return home.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the above protocols please direct them to our office.


Feature image credit: Vultar Bahr on Unsplash

Next week, we’ll be SOAR-ing (March 26-30)

Still on the fence about whether to participate in SOAR HEARTLAND?

Just DO it! You won’t be sorry.  Click this link to go straight to the application: SOAR APPLICATION

Photo by Kevin LEE on Unsplash

There will be:

  • Excellent teaching
  • Spirit-filled worship
  • Life-changing opportunities
  • Deep challenges
  • Transformative prayer
  • Relationship building

Thanks to the new restrictions we can operate as a day camp with up to 25 people in the group!



  • Meet with Jesus

  • Experience God’s Heart for Winnipeg

  • Looking for a catalyst to renew your heart for Jesus?

  • Don’t just want to go to a youth conference, but want to get hands-on with ministry?

  • Experience God stretching you outside your comfort zone as you invest the 5 days into training, worship and ministry.

  • Experience the needs in your local community and maybe start a long-term relationship with a local ministry.

Here is the detailed schedule if you’d like to take a look: DETAILED SCHEDULE

The schedule is VERY flexible. Anyone is welcome to come and join us for the evening sessions, either at the church or from your own home.


You’ll notice that there are two days for us to experience ministry opportunities. These are some of the possibilities we’re considering:

  • hanging out at 710 Aberdeen – helping with lunch, kids ministry
  • serving our own ministries by sorting the ‘resource pile’ and getting things back in the vaults as we prepare for more in-person ministry
  • partnering with Mercy Boot Camp  – preparing food hampers
  • joining in with Love Lives Here
  • preparing a video ‘concert’ that we can share with nursing and care homes
  • ?????

Click this link to go straight to the application: SOAR APPLICATION


**Update – there is no longer a food delivery option due to covid restrictions. Participants will be required to bring their own food.  OR there are a few restaurants nearby if you’d like to walk and get food, OR you can use another delivery service of your choice! FOOD IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY (but there will be snacks available)