5 Ways You Can Serve

Our District Quiz Meet is right around the corner – February 10-12. There are at least 5 ways that you can serve our hard-working quiz team!

  1. Host some quizzers, officials or coaches in your homes. Thank you to those of you who have indicated that you will do this!  Make sure you fill out THIS APPLICATION to let us know all the pertinent information.
  2. Baking!!!  Some of you are pretty great at this. The District needs between 80-100 DOZEN items to help feed all those Bible-loving youth during the weekend!! We would be especially grateful for some gluten-free and/or dairy-free items for those with sensitivities. Let Lani know how many items you can send with us! (lani@wcvchurch.ca)
  3. Transportation. We’re going to be hosting about 20 youth in our building with Millar’s help, however, we need a way to get them back and forth to the quiz meet. If you can be a driver, that would be excellent!
  4. Cheer us on!! The competition is open to the public, you’re welcome to come and watch and cheer on our team!! The meet is being held at Cornerstone Alliance Church.
  5. Pray for us. We REALLY need this, it can feel like a lot of pressure to compete with everybody looking. Please pray for calm nerves, recall of the things they’ve already learned, and capacity to learn what they need to in the weeks before competition.

Billet Application Form