New Vineyard Kathmandu Church & Boutique Hotel

The Kathmandu Vineyard Church is under reconstruction. Below are the outlined floor plans for the new buildings.

Front view of Church& Boutique Hotel

Front view of Boutique Hotel

Birds eye view of Church & Boutique Hotel

Lot and building plan

Ground level








Level 1

Level 2








Buildings are repositioned to maximize the green space for the church community. The Boutique Hotel will be gated for hotel guests with security access from the common entrance. Hotel enterprise will provide operational surplus to support the entire Himalayan Region Vineyard Churches. Guests will be Western tourists, and the interiors will have all the necessary amenities at an affordable cost. Marketing will be by social media and internet.

Hotel Services include:

24 Rooms, 48 Beds, Reception Area, Elevator Lift, Laundry & Housekeeping Room, Confectionary Area.

From Suffering to Support