Lent – Leaving Ourselves at the Altar

Many are familiar with the line in Psalm 23, “…goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life…”  It’s a nice thought, but a one that does not nearly capture the tenacity of God’s goodness and mercy.  These qualities don’t follow us around like a lost puppy looking for its home.  Goodness and mercy are relentless, tenacious and precise in their pursuit.  They will track us down like a hunter tracking it’s prey.  They will seek us out like a heat-seeking missile.  Simply put, God will hunt us down with his goodness and mercy – through the valley of the shadow of death – through the suffering of the loss of Eden – right to where we are today in the middle of Lent, preparing to celebrate and welcome the resurrection of the one who made it all possible…

Here’s another meditative moment from The Work of the People.

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