Prayer Challenge – Day 10

God’s Big Vision: his vision for your neighbours

People are every neighbourhood’s most important asset. Without neighbours, there would be no neighbourhoods.  Our blocks, streets and suburbs are full of our actual neighbours.  If we are to take Jesus’ command seriously, those are the people we are to love.

Many of us have understood this command outside of our neighbourhoods.  We’ve made it about people who are out there somewhere – perhaps those we run into on the bus, at work or in school.  This isn’t wrong.  However, our neighbours, first and foremost, are the people we live next to.  Whether they are the people across your fence in the suburb, sleeping on the next mat to you in the shelter, or across the back alley in the Elm-lined areas of our city, these are our real neighbours.

The Challenge:

Today, ask God to show you how you can love one of your neighbours.  Perhaps it starts with finding out their name…

“Love your neighbour as yourself.” Matthew 22:39, Romans 13:9

3 times a day 30 days