Prayer Challenge – Day 9

God’s Big Vision: his vision for your neighbourhood

Throughout the bible, God seemed to be concerned with location. Daniel was in Babylon for most of his life and, as we’ll explore later in this series, God helped him prosper in that land. In the very beginning, God created a beautiful garden for Adam and Eve to live in – and called the whole thing very good. Later on he gave the Hebrew people a particular piece land to live on. Jesus came and lived during a precise period of time, on a very specific piece of real estate.

The Message says Jesus “moved into the neighbourhood”. He’s not a God who is disconnected from the land we live on, only concerned with the relational ties to those who occupy it. He also cares deeply about where we live and the places we go. We are, after all, made from the dust of the earth and he called it good. Our streets and alleys matter to him. God likes your neighbourhood, if even if you don’t! He loves Winnipeg, and all of it’s unique areas that are full of people who need him.

The Challenge:

Today, ask God to show you today at least one reason why he loves your neighbourhood. You may want to take a walk and ask him while you’re out.

“The Word became flesh and blood, and moved into the neighborhood.” John 1:14

3 times a day 30 days

One thought on “Prayer Challenge – Day 9

  1. Hi. This is Jamie. In my prayer time God has shown me what’s on His heart. In capital letters the word COMPLACENCY kept coming up! This helps describe the state of the church. God’s not happy about it! Then I got Isaiah 64.
    This morning I woke up early and feel that something has changed slightly. Hearts in WCV are softening and people are turning their bodies more in the direction of God. More prayer is needed! A lot more!!! We need to bow low and contend for the hearts of our fellow man! Then God WILL move mountains! We’ll see hearts break ( in the good way) and huge mountains will be moved! Revival fire will come to our neighbourhood! God will break strongholds and release prisoners from captivity! The fire of God will come! We need only to give everything to God, pray, pray and then pray some more! The walls will come down!

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