Prayer Challenge – Day 12

God’s Big Vision: his vision for your church

When God looks at the motley crew we call Winnipeg Centre Vineyard, I wonder what he sees.  When he hears us sing the music of our life together, what does he hear?  Of course we want him to hear beautiful music –  everyone singing on pitch, in time, and in perfect harmony.  But for the song to be what it’s meant to be, everyone needs to sing (it’s ok, those of you who feel you can’t hold a tune, it’s just a metaphor – I was once called a “tone-deaf moron!”).  The song isn’t complete and may even be discordant if each person isn’t singing their part.

What’s your part in WCV’s unique song.  Certainly, we’re joining in the bigger anthem of God’s redemption and restoration through Jesus, expressed through the his church.  But, what’s your part in the chorus?

The Challenge:

Today, ask for an understanding of his vision for you in WCV.  Why has he put you here?  What part of “the song” does he have for you to sing?

 “Only he who sings can understand the song.”  St. Bernard of Clariveaux

3 times a day 30 days