Prayer Challenge – Day 16

Intercession: the God who sees

These days news headlines come and go like frost in September. There one day, gone the next. However, in our city, one headline has become all too familiar shouting at us: ANOTHER ABORIGINAL WOMAN MURDERED. Just last week our attention turned to the brutal assault and attempted murder of a young 16-year old girl down by the river. In our city aboriginal women are 5 times more likely to suffer a violent death than other women aged 25 – 44.

God sees them and his heart is broken. Our own “Vineyard Memorial Path” stands as a silent reminder that these women and girls will not be forgotten – that they are noticed, loved and honoured.

In Genesis, there is a short story about a woman named Hagar, who was mistreated by her master. God meets her as she’s running away from the abuse. After this encounter, which seemed to profoundly affect her, Hagar calls God, “El Roi” which means “the God who sees”. There is power in being seen.

The Challenge:

Our Father sees each and every vulnerable girl in our city. Today, let’s ask him to care for them and protect them. Let’s intercede on their behalf and ask God to break the cycle of violence that leads to this ugly repeating headline in our city’s news.

“You are the God who sees me.” Gen 16:13

3 times a day 30 days

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