Prayer Challenge – Day 17

Intercession: standing in the gap

A classic definition of intercession is praying for someone else who cannot pray for him or herself. Ezekiel calls this “standing in the gap.” It’s a reference to someone who stands in a hole in a defensive wall in order to protect those inside. They are strengthening the weak spot in the wall with their prayers. The scriptures teach us that God is looking for people who will offer themselves for others in this way.

The Challenge:

Today, take a moment to prayerfully survey at the people in your life. What major needs to you see? Identify one person you can stand in the gap for in one particular need. It could be a crisis they’re facing, a problem they’re up against, or salvation. Ask God to move in their life and that they will recognize the one who will answer your prayers.

“…I searched for someone to stand in the gap …” Ez 22:30

3 times a day 30 days