Prayer Challenge – Day 18

Intercession: seeking the good of the city

Jeremiah gave a prophecy to the exiled people of Judah in Babylon. It wasn’t a sweet message promising their quick return to Jerusalem (like some other false prophets were doing). Instead, Jeremiah’s letter told them to buckle down. He said, build houses, plant gardens and build lives for themselves in Babylon.

For some Winnipeg may feel like a land of exile (especially as we head into winter!). It’s not, really, and it’s certainly nothing like Babylon for the Jews. However, in one sense we are in exile. We are separated from the quality of life that we will have once Jesus returns and makes all things new (“all things” includes Winnipeg, by the way!).

We are to seek the peace and prosperity of the city we are in. And we are to pray for it, because, as Jeremiah reminds us, we are all connected. When those around us do well, we do well. When there are people in our city who are hurting, in some sense we all pay the cost of that hurt.

The Challenge:

Today, let’s ask God to bless our city. How can you work for the peace and prosperity of Winnipeg?

“…work for the peace and prosperity of the city where I sent you…” Jeremiah 29:7

3 times a day 30 days

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