Prayer Challenge – Day 2

A Big Vision of God: big God, big prayers

When we have a stunted image of God, we tend to pray small prayers.  When we have an expanded vision of God, we tend to pray bigger prayers.  We know Daniel had a big vision of God by the kind of prayers he prayed.  He prayed some high-stakes prayers a number of times – think about him praying for interpretation to the king’s dreams, or pleading for deliverance from the den of lions.  How might God want to expand your vision of him?

The Challenge:

Today, ask him to show you something about himself that you don’t already know.  This evening, remember to reflect on, and write down what happened.

3 times a day 30 days

One thought on “Prayer Challenge – Day 2

  1. Thank you for whomever wrote this challenge and provoking question above. How I might see God expanding my vision of Him is to remain loyal to my sister and I continuing our Bible study and dive closer to His Word of life.

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