Prayer Challenge – Day 25

A Call to Prayer: leadership

If Aliens were to land and say “take us to your leader”, we’d have to point them to Jesus. He is the chief shepherd; the head of the church. He is our leader. However, his leadership is exercised through humans. Every organization and organism needs visionary, servant-hearted leadership. In WCV, leadership is expressed in many ways, from the pastoral and elder teams to house group leaders – from the worship and prayer oversight teams to the Flatlanders leadership team – and in many other ways.

The Challenge:

Today, let’s pray for all those who lead in WCV. Please pray for the pastoral team and for the elders as they look to include new people. Pray for all the ways leadership functions in our body, whether there is a title associated with it or not. Also, pray for the holes in our leadership. For example, as we look at our team we see a need for a youth pastor. As we look at the expanding numbers of kid’s, there will be a greater need for leadership among them as well. Also, pray for leadership among those who are poor.

Dear brothers and sisters, pray for us.” (Paul and his team to the church in Thessalonica) 1 Thes 5:25

3 times a day 30 days

What do you think about this?