Prayer Challenge – Day 26


As we near the end of this prayer challenge, I’d like to encourage us in the direction of thanksgiving. Here are a few wise words from well respected Vineyard worship leader and liturgist, Dan Wilt:

“Christ helps us attain, maintain, and retain a thankful heart.

Expressing thanks is often viewed by the culture as simply one component of a fulfilled life. For the Christian, however, our capacity to express gratefulness to God and to others, through our thoughts, statements, and actions, is central to our emotional and physical health. It is the new way to be human.

Some say that learning a new habit or virtue means you fake it until you make it. As a Christian, we do it until we become it.

We don’t need grateful feelings to lead the way. Our practiced attitude of gratefulness leads us into a new set of emotions that become the norm as our second nature of gratefulness (in all things) overtakes our first nature of self-fixation and complaint.

Thankful people see God at work everywhere and triumph over every manner of soul-sickness.“

The Challenge:

Today, find something to be grateful for, and then find some way to express it. Not only that, but throughout your day look for opportunities for gratitude and give thanks in the moment.

3 times a day 30 days