Prayer Challenge Day 6: Teams and friendship

We all have different ways and styles of friendship. But whether we are extroverts or introverts, there are those that are closest to us that we rely on most intimately for feedback about our lives, as well as those that we work with to achieve a common goal.

David’s most intimate friend was Jonathan. He trusted Jonathan to share his thoughts on how he saw David. David did the same in return. In some ways, this parallels what we are doing in these two weeks of telling each other what we are seeing each other.

David also had to find allies that would work with him in conquering his enemies and achieving his goals. They were his team of “mighty men,” and the “band of discontents” that he gathered in the cave of Adullam. All of us also need people to collaborate with in achieving the passions of our lives.

Pray for your friend’s friends. Ask God to give them insight and courage to speak what they see in the person you are praying for today. Ask God also to show you how this person’s friends can contribute to them working towards their calling. Ask God to strengthen your friends service or leadership in the community around them, and recognize the valuable contribution they are making. Tell them what you see them doing in their circle of friends and their community. Thank them.


What do you think about this?