Who Do You Say I Am? Prayer Challenge Intro

For two weeks, those of us who want to take The Vineyard’s prayer challenge will find a friend to pray for everyday till February 26th. Have courage to ask people if you can pray for them! Be bold, and if no one asks you, don’t take it as a sign that no one cares about you! Our main way of doing this kind of thing is in Triads in the Outer Circle, so if you like doing this kind of thing, that is the way that anyone can find friends do this with. If these two weeks don’t work for you, consider joining the Outer Circle at our next Feast on March 18th.

Once you have found someone to do this with, find a time and a place once a day where you can be by yourself in an undistracted way. Hold your friend before God in a posture of intercession. Ask God to remind you of the stories of their life, interests and passions, and experiences of success and failure you know they have had. Ask God to give you insight into their life, always knowing that you will not see perfectly, and therefore have to present your insights with some humility and uncertainty. They are the experts before God on how much of what you tell them actually fits.

Some of these meditations require a fair bit of knowledge of your friend’s life.  If you don’t know something, perhaps God will show you things directly you don’t know naturally.  Be open to the working of God’s spirit in this way.  As well, some of these deep questions here might prompt you to actually just ask each other about them.

The people doing this will need to find their own way of sharing insights with each other. For some it might be a short encouraging text message, others will want to meet together for a coffee and sharing what they have written as they prayed for each other. If you aren’t sharing immediately after you pray for them, write down your insights. Also, keep track of what is being spoken to you. Please be warm and open with each other. This whole exercise is to serve and encourage each other not put each other in little constricting boxes.

On the Sunday of February 26th, there will be opportunity for people to share how God has spoken to them through this prayer challenge.

Have fun, and let God spirit encourage your friend through you!

Why are we doing this?:

  • To gain more clarity on our personal callings so that we can live them out more fully.
  • To apply what we’ve learned through our series on David.

Where can I get the daily meditations?:

  • The meditation for each day will be posted here on the website (and shared via email and Facebook).
  • Physical copies of all the meditations will also be available at the info table.

When is it?:

  • February 12 – 26th.
  • On Sunday, February 26 we’ll hear personal stories to encourage each other.

 Other Notes: