Prayer Challenge – Day 7

God’s Big Vision: his vision for your life

What do you love?  What dreams do you have that may be from God?  Some of us are afraid to have vision for our life.  Some of us have had the dreams beaten out of us.  But this doesn’t change the fact that God has exciting plans for each of his kids.

Could it be that some of your desires are from God?  The Psalmist sang that if you take delight in the Lord, he would give you the desires of your heart (37).  We have a Father who really wants the best for us – not just what’s good for us (think Buckley’s cough syrup). It’s our job to take delight in him (he already delights in us).

Today, ask the Lord to show you which of your desires are actually his desires.

“He’s always given me what I’ve desired, or rather, He’s made me desire what He wanted to give me.” St. Therese de Lisieux

3 times a day 30 days