Prayer Challenge Day 9: Deployed, but without support

One of the things that God does with all of us is to give us seasons, perhaps very long seasons, of doing things that he is giving us to do without enough resources to do them in a big way. One of the purposes of this time is to help us learn creativity with our calling, finding small ways to do these things that don’t rely on lots of money, or resources, or even time. Another purpose is the purification of our motives, as we have to choose to do these things whether or not anyone recognizes their value or significance.

David knew he was to become king of the whole nation, but for about seven years he only had one-twelfth of the resources, as only the tribe of Judah came around him.

As you lift up your friend to God this morning, notice if there are things that are truly on their heart to be and do that they are under-resourced with time, money, or connections to do fully. Are there ways that you could encourage them in the way that they give themselves to serve, whether big or small? With little resources or with many makes no difference in God’s eyes. Jesus said that the Widow’s pennies were worth more to God then all the big donations that came from people who only gave out of their excess.