Women’s Retreat Reflection

The Women’s Retreat impacted so many. Here’s a reflection from the weekend by Janelle Hacault:

“The women’s retreat was a catalyst in bringing me back to where God is calling me. I feel that it came at the perfect time when I was open to God’s voice and He met me there. I LOVED connecting with the incredible women of our church. Wow, I was so encouraged by their vulnerability in sharing their stories, their bravery in reaching out to others, and their courage in trying new things.

I’m still blessed by the goodie bag that greeted me the day I arrived! As a tea-granny-at-heart, the china tea cup, chai tea and the personal note of love really set the tone for me.

The prayer tent was fantastic and reminded me how powerful prayer is and how much I love intercessory prayer. Having so much free time was a huge huge huge thing for me. Our lives are so overstimulated, bombarded, and busy that having the time and space to just be still in such a beautiful environment made all the difference.

The worship and everyone’s openness really blessed me. I can’t put into words how pivotal and precious the retreat was for me. I cannot believe it’s taken me 13 years to finally come! Oh my!

I just love our church!”

~ Janelle ~