The Bible Series at Drop-In

For the last year or so, we have been celebrating communion every Tuesday at drop-in. The hope was that it would be an accessible and intentional way for us to connect our lives with the life of God, and to be filled with his life-giving presence.

After reading the passage on the Lord’s supper from the gospel of Matthew, there’s often a wonderful, holy silence as we prayerfully consider where in our lives we need Jesus’ forgiveness, where we want or need him today, and imagine the beauty of his return. Afterward, often before the invitation to come to the table has been extended, people walk forward to take the sacraments. They frequently describe a sense of the Spirit’s peace and power – one man said that receiving communion felt like “a shot of whiskey to his heart” and told me he felt this for days following.

People are hungry for encounters with the living God. Even more, the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are hungry for encounters with their people.

Our drop-in team has been sensing the Spirit nudging us towards an even more intentional spiritual focus on Tuesdays. To this end, beginning in February, we are going to be screening the ten-part miniseries “The Bible.” It’ll be an accessible (and exciting!) way for us to experience the Word of God, and we believe this will be transformative. During these ten weeks, we are going to forego our usual big lunch in favour of snacks (things that people can enjoy whilst watching each 50-minute episode) and will finish our mornings with discussion, prayer, and communion.

All are welcome to join! And if you’d like to contribute healthy snacks or baked goods for people to enjoy whilst watching the episodes, that’d be brilliant. Please contact the office or talk to Suhail for details.

10:30 am every Tuesday, Feb. 6 – Apr. 10, 2018
Winnipeg Centre Vineyard