Two Psalms by Brent Woelke

The first Writer’s Circle happened last Friday. A lot of great material was shared. Here are two modern day psalms that Brent shared.

If you were to write and pray your own psalm to the Lord, what would you say?

The next Writer’s Circle is November 24th.

A Lament

The hand of the Lord is on me,

for I am still being broken.

Who can I call to for rescue?

Who can pull me from your grasp?


The Lord has humbled me,

The Lord has brought me low.

What more can be taken from me?

What more can be stripped away?


Everything I had hoped for in the Lord

is in cardboard boxes.

Everything I loved

is sold or is sitting in the back lane.

Everything I cherished

has walked away;

it mocks me, speaking lies and accusations.


But the Lord will be my judge.

He has weighed my actions

He has determined my punishment.

Who will come to defend me?


My friends gather around me,

they look upon me in silence.

They whisper about me,

for you have exposed my sins.


They say,

“Here is one who trusts in God,

here is one who calls on Jesus’ name.”


A Song of Ascent

My son, consider the path of God.

His laws are stones that ascend His mountain.

Study and search so that you may find your way.


For His path is not obvious or straight

and all who approach Him must toil and labor.

The path of His Son is a path of suffering.

See now that His blood lines the trail,

His precious blood shows the way.

Has He not placed every stone before you?

Every rock as a firm foundation under your feet

every boulder as an obstacle and trial to overcome.


Take heart in your time of need.

Call out so your strength is failing.

For all who seek Him, shall be found by Him.

All who look to Him, will be lifted up.


For the Lord is high above all the earth.

He sees all who travel upon His hill.

None escape his sight,

and all things are subject to Him.

The very roots of the mountain are in His hands.

The mountains rise and fall by his decree.


But those who trust in the Lord will not fall.

Those who fear Him shall behold His majesty.


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