Vineyard Fest! – a few more details

Ok people.  Our 20th Anniversary Weekend party is approaching!  Here are some details:


We’re having 3 Main Sessions and a “Neighbourhood Party” all at 782 Main St.

  • Friday, Sept 25, 7pm: Main Session – Worship led by David Ruis, WCV staff sharing Pivotal Stories to Propel us into the future.
  • Saturday, Sept 26, 11am – 5:30pm: Neighbourhood Party (details below)
  • Saturday, Sept 26, 7pm: Main Session – Worship led by a WCV Band, and David & Anita Ruis will speak – Stories that Formed us, Vision to Call Us.
  • Sunday, Sept 27, 10am: Main Session – Worship led by David Ruis, and Noel Isaacs will speak.

Neighbourhood Party

Saturday, 11am – 5:30pm

We don’t just want to get together to recall the “good ole days” – we want our celebration to be an actual blessing to our neighbourhood and one that will launch us into a new season of everything God has for us and our neighbourhood.  We want to celebrate together as we look to the future.  Our Neighbourhood party will be in the Greenspace, parking lot and Vineyard Memorial Path and will include the following:

  • Pancake Brunch: 11am – 12 noon
  • Kid’s Activities (pony rides, bouncy castle, games): 11am – 2pm
  • Live Music in the Greenspace: 11am – 5pm
  • Prayer Tent
  • BBQ Feast: 4:30pm – 5:30pm
  • Other things are in the works – if you have ideas and want to do them, contact the office.

If it rains (or snows!), we will move some of these activities inside and cancel others.

On Sunday, Sept 20, right after church, there will be a few small teams heading out to Turtle Island to invite people to our Neighbourhood Party.  If you want to join, please  contact the office.

Speakers & Guests:

David & Anita Ruis – They are the founding pastors of WCV and the current National Directors of Vineyard Canada.  After having felt the invitation from God to “bring the heart to the heartland” they relocated to Winnipeg in 1995.  WCV was birthed in their living room and quickly grew.

Noel & Dona Isaacs – They are the founding pastors of the Kathmandu Vineyard and current directors of the Himalayan Region Vineyards.  It was while they were living in Winnipeg for a few months in 1998 that the vision for a Vineyard church plant in Nepal was fully realized.  Since that time, WCV and the HRV have been joined together in friendship and family.

Silas & Sarita Rai – They are the founding pastors of the Namchi Vineyard in Sikkim India.  They are part of the Himalayan Region Vineyard leadership team.  This is their first visit to Canada, and they’ll be spending most of their time with their partner church, Cornerstone Vineyard in Winkler.  But we’re excited they’ll be joining us for part of our weekend!

Sharing Your Thoughts:

There won’t be time to hear all the ways God has worked in and through WCV over the years.  But we’d like to collect a series of thoughts, pivotal stories or perhaps words or prayers for WCV as we look to the future. You are invited to take a quick video and post it to our Facebook page.  Some of these will be collected and shown in our Main Sessions, and they all will be available for people to view on Facebook.  Please keep them short (2 mins max, 30 seconds is great).  You can post them here.

Helping Out:

Obviously we need a lot of help to pull this off well.  If you are willing and able to volunteer for a portion or all of the weekend, here are a few general areas we need volunteers in.  Please contact the office to be put in touch with the person who is organizing these areas.  If you have other ideas, or would like to help in a way not mentioned here, please let us know!

  • Food Prep & Service – Neighbourhood Party – Pancake Brunch & BBQ Supper
  • Security – mainly during the Neighbourhood Party
  • Welcome People – we need a small army of people to be especially welcoming of newcomers, especially during the Neighbourhood Party
  • Kid’s Activities (face painting, games, bouncy castle set-up, pony rides helpers) (normal Children Safety Checks apply)
  • Neighbourhood Invite Teams (on Sun Sept 20 after church)
  • Hospitality – we’d like to have coffee and snacks for the two evening sessions
  • Collaborative Art Project – we’d like to have an exterior art piece that everyone can participate in.

Other ideas? Please let us know!