30 Day Prayer Challenge

Windows OpenThe 30-Day Prayer Challenge is a practical application of our “Windows Open: how to pray like Daniel” series.  Since we’ve been exploring prayer in the life of Daniel, we’d like to challenge all of us to make it real in our lives.


It’s a call to pray three times a day for 30 days.


King Darius commanded that everyone in the whole empire should pray only to him for 30 days.  It was during this time that Daniel defiantly opened his windows to Jerusalem and prayed, as was his habit, three times a day.  These actions landed Daniel in the lion’s den, which set the stage for an amazing miracle.  As we devote ourselves to walking and talking with God, we too will experience his presence in profound ways.

Next Sunday (Nov 2), we will provide info and daily prayer activities for this challenge.  There will also be daily notifications here on the Vineyard website and email list.

Are you up for it?  Let’s do it and see how God responds!


3 times a day 30 days


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  1. Nov 2 also is International Day of Prayer for persecuted church. Great resources available for that. Good day to start your 30 Day challenge.

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