9 Month Financial Update

Your Board of Directors have a responsibility to keep all WCV adherents updated on our Financial results and position.

We recognize that our finances are supplied by the Lord through the faithful support of our community.  Thank you for your generous and sacrificial giving.

“Some trust in Chariots , and some in horses
But we trust in the name of the Lord our God “Psalm 20:7

For the nine months ending September 30, 2016 we see a deficit of $33,662.

This is a result of a shortfall of income over the expenses we incurred.  This amount includes the $13,280 buffer surplus from 2015 that needs to be replenished by year-end.

We need $172,000 of income in the last three months to meet our income budget of $442,000.

The Staff and BOD encourage everyone to prayerfully consider your part in the finances of WCV and let the Holy Spirit guide you in your giving decisions this month.

Thank you for walking through this challenge with us as leaders.
Your Board of Directors