Street BBQ Report & Thanks

At noon last Thursday, we prepped and distributed 120 hamburgers, chips, drinks, and granola bars in a large Ziploc bag to Main Street. Thinking we’d see everyone at the door was a naive dream. So we went to the street and distributed all the bagged lunches in an hour to the groups in front of the New West Hotel, the Northern Hotel, the 817 Main St High-Rise, and our pocket park. Reconnecting in the future will be us going to the street, not the reverse.

Thanks to all those who helped, Margaret, Lindsay Ward, Elisha, Violet, Kirby, Ramona, Gilbert, Manfred, Andy Wood, and Jeff Cox who all pitched in bagging and distributing.

The spirit of the Lord was on the effort and some recipients even responded to our invitation to reconnect for a hamper. It will be a long journey to normality but we will keep at it.

Next up will be 50 bags to Love Lives Here. Stay tuned for more opportunities to see Jesus in the needy, to bless them with love, and hear His thank-you.

9 Month Financial Update

Your Board of Directors have a responsibility to keep all WCV adherents updated on our Financial results and position.

We recognize that our finances are supplied by the Lord through the faithful support of our community.  Thank you for your generous and sacrificial giving.

“Some trust in Chariots , and some in horses
But we trust in the name of the Lord our God “Psalm 20:7

For the nine months ending September 30, 2016 we see a deficit of $33,662.

This is a result of a shortfall of income over the expenses we incurred.  This amount includes the $13,280 buffer surplus from 2015 that needs to be replenished by year-end.

We need $172,000 of income in the last three months to meet our income budget of $442,000.

The Staff and BOD encourage everyone to prayerfully consider your part in the finances of WCV and let the Holy Spirit guide you in your giving decisions this month.

Thank you for walking through this challenge with us as leaders.
Your Board of Directors


Men’s Getaway – Reflection & Survey

The 2016 Men’s Lake Getaway has come and gone.  The takeaways from it all still loom large with most who attended.  To wit, Darnell O’Cheek’s wet cloths were returned to him recently together with the memory of jumping into the lake immediately on his arrival.  Getting back to his nature roots Friday evening was a huge throwback for Darnell even if he had to leave early Saturday because he was sick.

front pageCertainly, No Man Was An Island on the weekend.  There were just too many of us (65) to hide.  The camaraderie and friendships were quite strong and we all got to know new people.  Together with perfect weather and the activities, we all had a blast topped with excellent food (thanks Peter).  Another great steak dinner to remember.

The focus on the topic was inspiring with Rick Hill leading the way.  The discussion groups revealed a lot about ourselves.  The worship was tops.  Everyone pitched in and made it easy to pull off.

For the record, so we all are reminded, the stories of Jonathan and his armour bearer who had his back invigorated us to compare the benefits of those relationships to our lives.  Where are we vulnerable and how can friends make us strong?  Eccles. 4:9-12 was the biblical challenge to connect at a much deeper level to find the strength that we all crave.

We want to challenge all the guys who were there, and those who couldn’t make it, to become connected with the whole vibe of what a Men’s Group could possibly become for all of us.  We don’t have a complete sense of what that could look like.  And we don’t want just a few leaders pushing ahead on anything more than we have now.  Anything that could or might develop throughout the year needs to be organically driven by need for all of us.

Don’t we need each other all the time?  Could we not craft some kind of “GUYS at WCV ” focus and build some events around a desire to stay connected and stay off the Islands of our lives?


Thank you to all those who completed our survey!