A Third + Bird Thank You

Written by Debra Kelly:

On behalf of the Nepali Women’s Co-op I would like to thank all the volunteers of WCV who participated in the Third + Bird Christmas Market this past weekend. These volunteers included:

  • Bakers, many bakers who went above and beyond what they committed to bake and baked more. Thank you for your creations… they were fully enjoyed.
  • Volunteers at the sale. You sold cookies, scarfs, raffle tickets…. you were a friendly face but you worked hard to make a sale and I am proud of all your assertiveness to raise money.
  • For those who helped with setup and take down. Hard work but so appreciated.
  • Jessie Penner and Mercy Au who committed their entire weekend to being at the sale.
  • Krista Heide for making great signs and helping with creative vision.
  • The WCV staff who faithfully support what we do.
  • Chandra Kremski and Charla Smeal (Third + Bird) who have the vision and have worked incredibly hard to make the sale what it is today. They have graciously invited Nepali Women’s Co-op to partner with them even when the market outgrew this church building. Their open heart, passion and generosity is truly appreciated. We look forward to partnering with you in many more sales.

Over $8, 300 was raised at the sale just through the three tables. The next tailoring school is planned for February 2017 in Gorhka.


The Nepali Women’s Co-op will be set up after next Sunday’s service (December 4/16) in the comfy couch room. If you didn’t make it to the Christmas market and want to peruse/shop, items will be for sale. Including scarves, mitts, and slippers. Come by and check it out!


One thought on “A Third + Bird Thank You

  1. Thanks Deb, for all the hard work you put into organizing and setting up for this sale. You did a great job! We’re proud of you.
    Love Dad & Mom

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