Adventures and Service in Nepal

Hey there Vineyard family.  Many of you will know Mike, Jodi, Mikayla, Joseph, Sarah and Samuel Labun are away for a few months.  Until now, they’ve been on a holiday in Thailand (as you can see from the picture!).  But this coming week they’ll be heading to join with our Vineyard family in the Himalayan Region.  They will be serving and working in various capacities there until March.  You can follow their adventures on their blog where they post all kinds of thoughts, pictures, prayer requests, etc.  Jodi is the pastor responsible for children and family activities here at the Vineyard.

Also, Rod, Elisa, Emielia, Ava and Anya Jersak are currently in Nepal.

Ben & Adam Kelly are travelling in the Himalayan region of India as well as Nepal.  Ben is our BOD chair.

Let’s pray for all these WCVers who are serving in the Himalayas!