Christmas Greetings

Dear WCV,

We’d like to take this opportunity to wish you a merry Christmas and a joyful New Year. In this season of busy-ness, may you encounter the Prince of Peace. In this season of gift-giving, may you experience the Giver of Life. In this darkest time of the year, may you be guided by the Light of the World. In a time that for some is painful, may you know the care of the Comforter. In these days of celebration, may the Lord of the Dance rejoice over you and fill you with joy and strength.

We love you and are grateful that God has brought us together.

With affection,

~The Pastoral Staff


A Few Notes:

  • Christmas Eve Service will be 10am – 11:15am (no evening service). You’ll want to arrive on time… I hear there’s a special surprise…
  • New Year’s Eve Service will be an all-out celebration! Starts at 10am.
  • The Office will be closed between Christmas and New Years. It reopens Jan 2.
  • Drop-ins will resume Jan 9.
  • Year-end gifts need to be received by December 31. If they’re mailed they need to be postmarked (stamped by Canada Post) in 2017. If you can’t make sure your gift will arrive in Dec 31, please email Lillian regarding your intention.


Image Credit: Jesus image by Stephan Recksiedler!