Cookies for Nepal

Hi Everyone,

I was so moved by how a few people from our drop in community responded to making cookies for Nepal that I wanted to share it with you.

Gordon (aka “Blackie”) and Georgina came to all three cookie sessions.  They were so wonderful and engaged.  We worked hard for a good three hours each Friday.  These two told me that they have never made cookies before!  I don’t know if that’s true, communication is interesting, but I think it’s likely.  There’s something about this that shakes me a little.

Anyway, Kenny also came one week.  Kristin Dahl came the first week.  And Richard Sinclair came twice.  He only missed the last session because of a doctors appointment.

They worked really hard!  They also paid a dollar each time they came.  And they talked about how good it was to be able to do something to give to Nepal.  It was beautiful to me.

Another highlight: One of the requirements to attend was that you had to be sober.  The first week Blackie and Georgina told me that they were walking up Main in the morning and some friends had invited them to have a drink.  They said, “No.  We’re going to make cookies today.”  They came sober every week.

My heart could burst.

In the end, 200 cookies were made.  But I have a feeling this was about more than that.

~ Jessica Williams