Flatlanders Inn Update

For those of you who were not in the Downstairs Gathering last Sunday, this little update is for you.  There have been changes in Flatlanders Inn.



We want to welcome Tara Glowacki as our new Flatlanders Inn Administrator!  Tara began working on a part-time basis last week.  We’re excited for the passion, connection and expertise she brings to the position.  Welcome, Tara!

We have also had some changes to the Leadership Team.  Jeff & Amanda Leighton have been around a long time and are founding members.  Laura Dahl has recently finished a prospective Leader phase and we’re excited to have her as a full-on Leadership Team member!  Ian & Jessica Williams moved in a year ago to explore what living at Flatlanders was like.  Together, we’ve been feeling like they should be exploring what being leaders in Flatlanders looks like.  So we’ve invited them to be prospective Leadership team members.  This is a 6 month process which is meant to see if it’s a good fit for them.  Andy Wood is also on the Leadership team and provides pastoral oversight.


Kelly & Brendan Dvorak have recently moved out after having lived and led in the community for the last 5 years.  They’ve been a tremendous blessing in so many ways.  We sincerely thank them for all they’ve done and the ways they’ve opened their lives up to those who have called Flatlanders Inn home these past years.  While community living with people who are at risk of homelessness always has challenges, the past season has been more difficult than normal.  It’s a sad and hard departure.

On Sunday, we prayed for the current team.  They appreciated it and felt the love and support of the church family.  Thanks for that!

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