Craft Time with Lani – Sheep

Hi there crafters,

This little sheep craft doesn’t take a lot of materials and they’re probably ones you’ve got in your house already, except maybe googly eyes, but they’re optional. If you REALLY want googly eyes send me an email at lani(at sign)wcvchurch(dot)ca and I’ll send you some.

Below are the materials and instructions and below that is a video OR you can download and print the instructions by clicking here: PRINT VERSION

Here’s what you’ll need:

Toilet paper tube or equivalent

Cotton balls

Stiff paper





Black Marker

Googly Eyes (optional)


  1. Cut the toilet tube so it’s not too long. I cut mine in half and I could make two sheep!
  2. Pull a few cotton balls in half.
  3. Glue a section of the toilet tube and press the cotton balls onto the glue.
  4. Keep working around the tube until all the space is covered with cotton.
  5. Draw a face/head. 
    1. Draw a circle just a little bigger than the toilet tube.
    2. Make one end of the circle longer to make the sheep’s mouth and noise.
    3. Add some ears to the other end of the circle.
  6. Cut out your face once you’re happy with the shape.
  7. I used the other side of the face to make the eyes and nose so that my pencil lines didn’t show.
  8. Add some details, whatever you like;
    1. The inner ears
    2. Maybe some swirls for wool
  9. Add eyes, either draw them on or glue on googly eyes
  10. Attach the head to the body with glue
  11. Add the legs:
    1. Cut the Q-tips in half
    2. Cover one end in glue
    3. Wedge the legs in between the cotton balls

All Done!

Remember that Jesus is the Good Shepherd and the Good Shepherd loves his sheep!!