How to Describe an Organism?: Org charts & leadership

It’s been said that the church is more of a living organism than an organization.  Considering that the church is a complex mix of all kinds of people, this observation is a quite apt.  However, it is also necessary for every body to have some amount of organization to keep it from becoming a random collection of cells at best or, at worst, a destructive tumour.  This is true of every physical organism and it’s also true of the body of Christ.

Over the past year we’ve done some work on the organizational end of this spectrum hoping to bring a little more clarity and definition to the “organism” we call WCV.  The aim is simply to help keep us healthy, growing in good ways, and ultimately reproducing – all trademarks of every living thing, whether single-celled organisms, or the body of Christ.

Here are a few diagrams that we hope will help bring clarity to this organizational work, specifically regarding leadership relationships in WCV.  While any two-dimensional diagram of a living entity will fail to represent the organism perfectly, we think this does not a bad job.  Unlike many organizational charts, this one is tipped over.  In other words, while we do have leadership, it’s not a top-down but rather movement oriented.  Leadership is meant to help the body follow Jesus more closely and to become more like him in the process as we are led together by the Holy Spirit.


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