Lent – a Season of Preparing for More

On March 5, we entered the season of Lent.  A season, 40 days leading up to Easter, that the church has historically observed as a time of preparation.  A time to prepare hearts, bodies and lives for the life that’s made available through Jesus’ resurrection.  Lent is only helpful if it points us towards resurrection.  Giving up for Lent is only useful if it points us to all that God has for us.  Dying to ourselves is only a good thing if the Holy Spirit can come afterwards and bring us to life.  This short video is a great reminder that God is not about scarcity and that Lent is intended to help us prepare for more, not less. 

You may want to check out these resources:

Pray As You Go – a daily contemplative podcast that leads the listener through a series of meditative prayers and scripture readings.  Each episode is about 10 – 13 minutes long.  You can listen right from their website or subscribe to it via iTunes podcasts.

Lent for Everyone – this is an online devotional created by N.T. Wright.  It includes daily scripture and a well crafted and thoughtful devotion by one of the foremost New Testament scholars of our time.  (You have to sign up to view it)

Living Lent Daily – features prayers, thoughts and more each day to inspire you throughout your Lenten journey. A new article will become available daily throughout Lent.  These are quite short.

Have you used any of these resources?  Let us know how they were helpful in the comment section below!