More With Less Saturday – More about Healthy Attachment

In this last day of our fast, we encourage you to take some time to review your week of “more with less”. Our prayer was that you would experience the Holy Spirit’s presence in your life in new and deeper ways. How has this happened for you?

Sometimes our fasting seems fruitless – perhaps this week was like that for you. That’s okay. Someone wise once said that prayer is like planting.   Any gardener will name patience as one of the key qualities needed to grow a healthy garden. There have been seeds planted this past week. Over time, our Father will cause those seeds to grow.

In the meantime, the process of detaching ourselves from the shallower things in our lives is a fruitful exercise in itself. But it’s only fruitful if we allow ourselves to be more deeply attached to God. As we move out of this week of fasting, can we allow God’s pleasure to come with us? Can we savour the small things? Can we continue to find joy in what the world around us despises? Let’s pray that we can!