Nepal Update: Jesus, Lead Us

Columbus Meet-Up

If you’re going to be in Columbus for the Global Vineyard Family gathering, you’re invited to our meet-up.  Join Noel Isaacs (HRV Director) and Nathan Rieger (WCV) as they share stories of the earthquakes.  You’ll hear firsthand tales of survival and faith as well as what’s happened in the relief, recovery and rebuilding efforts since as well as plans and opportunities for the future.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015 from 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM (EDT)

Ramada Columbus North/Polaris
6767 Schrock Hill Court
Columbus, OH 43229

More details and registration for this event are here.

Chhampi Building Dedication

The inside of Chhampi church

The inside of Chhampi church

The Chhampi Vineyard has a new home!  Their old one was demolished in the first earthquake.  A few weeks ago they finished constructing a new building.  Noel says: “While I was at the Chhampi church building dedication service I saw women who have lost their homes and are sleeping under temporary tin roof shelters… they were singing, dancing and worshiping Jesus.  Unbelievable!  They’ve realized that the JOY of the Lord is their strength.”  This is a big boost for the community as they recover from the earthquakes.

Pre-Fab Homes


The frame of the prototype home that will be built after the rainy season is over.

A template has been developed which will be used in Chhampi, Kothgaon and Gorkha.  There will have to be significant adaptations for the high mountain villages due to transportation and construction issues.  The frame is 20 feet by 12.5 wide and is 8.5 feet high.  It will be pre-made in Kathmandu in pieces and assembled on site.  In order to stretch funds as well as to provide opportunity for home owners to customize and contribute to the rebuilding, they themselves will construct the floor, walls, windows and doors from reclaimed brick and timber.  It’s a low-cost rigid structure which will withstand shaking while at the same time being sensitive to the local standards of living.


Tipping is the most remote village we are working in.  The people here have trekked two days crossing rugged mountains to deliver supplies.  From the air it looked like a trail of ants marching up the mountains.  An appropriate home design is still in the works for this region.  However, the community has already come together to rebuild their church building.  We have sent tin for the roof.

Jesus, Lead Us

A few thoughts from Noel:

“My fear was that our people would swing to negativity.  I thought these earthquakes would kill the spirit of our people.  I didn’t  know what kind of message I needed to give – I didn’t know how to lead.  I still say I don’t wanna be in this situation ever again.  How can you lead when you are just as shaken?  Now everyday I say “Jesus lead us”.  He has.  He was with us in the earthquakes.  He spoke to us and gave us wisdom and strategy.  He has mobilized the family from around the world.  I have heard many of our people say ‘at the end of the day nothing will protect you.  Even your riches, pride, and so on.  It is only in DSC_0460the hands of Jesus that we find safety!’  Yes, I can say the Himalayan Region Vineyard Churches are shaken – but not dead.  We don’t look to the earthquake – we look to God because that’s where our helps comes from.

I personally want to say a big “thank you” to everyone who took time to remember us and open their pockets.  May God bless you so much.  I know that if an earthquake hits your place we will be there to help you!”

HRV Online Presence

We’ve kept both the HRV website and Facebook page disabled due to continued sensitive issues on the ground.  It’s part of exercising diligence and wisdom and we don’t want to create undue hardship for our team and community’s there.

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  1. Noel, I love your thoughts expressed above. We continue to have our hearts, eyes, ears, turned toward Nepal and our friends there. I’m so sorry I will miss hearing yours and Nate’s face to face report next week in Columbus. May you be replenished and invigorated for the challenges ahead.

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